ZVEZDA’S GREAT WISH IN BACKA TOPOLA: I realized that it is safer for me to come to TSC

TSC returned today to training and preparation for the new season, with one new face on the team.

Offensive midfielder Mihajlo Banjac (1999), who today signed a three-year contract with FK TSC from Bačka Topola, stated that he chose that club because of the chance it gives him to play and develop.

– I am a young player, I need a game, I need minutes on the field. In Indjija, where I come from, in the last ten rounds of last season, I got a chance to play and I showed that I deserve that place in the team. I realized that it is safer for me to come to TSC, where they appreciate and look for me, than to go somewhere to some big club and not have minutes – He said Banjac, who presented himself to the media in Bačka Topola today in a TSC jersey.

Banjac added that his natural position is a midfielder, but that it is not strange for him to play as a back midfielder or right winger.

It is up to the boss to decide where I can best fit and in which position I can give the maximum for our team He added.

The young player mentioned that he believes that the next five weeks of preparation will be enough to play with the new team.

– It is important that we pass without injuries, that we play slowly. We will also have five preparatory matches, and the result will come – said Banjac.

Chief of Staff of the TSC Zoltan Sabo he agreed with his new player that he has enough time to prepare for the new season, for the Super League, which will start on August 1.

We didn’t have a big break, only a week. Two days ago, they just started training and for now everything is going according to plan – Sabo said, noting that they were joined by reinforcements, in addition Banjac and young Damjan Dostanic, who came from a school in Dutch Ajax.

– We expect two more players to join us, especially the younger players, who will also be our bonus players for next season – said Sabo and added that he believes that five weeks of preparation will be enough, with a dose of luck to serve everything health and to avoid injuries Said Sabo.