Zoltán Kovács: If we have not won anything, it is a failure!

Friday, July 3, 2020 10:03 AM

The sports director of MOL Fehérvár does not shirk his responsibility, he talks about the change of coach, the elimination against Vaduz and why he failed to make Fradi fight harder this year.

“It is certain that this has been the most hectic season since I have been working in Fehérvár,” sighed Zoltán Kovács, Sports Director of MOL Fehérvár FC. “Of course, I’m happy to work in the best-built and managed club in the country, but I don’t deny that I got rich with a few gray hairs in the season we left behind.”

Vidi ran a really weird season, winning a silver medal and reaching the semi-finals of the Hungarian Cup, but with much bolder plans for the season, Kovács immediately stated that it would be a self-deception to sell the year a success story, even if it was a dreamlike performance for many teams. the band achieved in the 2019/20 season.

Did we win something? No! Then it’s a failure ” Kovács said.

“It would be a very weak excuse on my part to explain with the quarantine break, or with more elderly, retiring players, why we failed to achieve our goals. The numbers don’t lie: we have to look at the table, the results, and say where and what we made a mistake during the year. “

Let’s start at the beginning: Vaduz

Presenting a dazzling Europa League march in the 2018/19 season, MOL Fehérvár FC started the next season with a huge slap: it was eliminated in the second round of the Europa League qualifiers against Vaduz. “We were extremely disappointed that we couldn’t even beat the Liechtensteinists to an advantage, as we can talk about a significantly weaker team compared to Vidi. The team obviously suffered a failure, but the elimination hit the whole club hard, as the duel against Frankfurt could have come in the next round. , which would have been the first international betting match at MOL Arena in Sóstó. We lost a very serious loss in all areas, “Kovács said.

Painful surprise: MOL Fehérvár dropped out of EL

Europa League, Qualifiers, Round 2, Relegation: FC Vaduz-MOL Fehérvár FC 2-0 (0-0, 1-0, 2-0) – after extra timeVaduz, 1253 spectators, v: Lukjancukas (Lithuania) scorers: Gajic (60th), Coulibaly (100th) yellow card: Antoniazzi (45 + 1, 107), Gajic (77th), Sutter (92nd), Schwitzer (104th) and Fiola (21st), Nikolov (28.), Futács (98.), Kovácsik (103.), Hodzic (109.) exhibited: Antoniazzi (107)

Many were surprised that the unpleasant relegation did not have serious consequences, and MOL Fehérvár started the NBI championship season with FC Marko Nikolic three days after the Vaduz match. “All I can say is that serious debates preceded the first home champion, there was no complete agreement on whether to stay the coach.”In the end, however, taking into account the fantastic successes achieved with Nikolic, we decided to stick with the Serbian specialist. This seemed like a good decision at first, as we had a great start to the season, but despite winning our first six games, something broke at the end of September.

“We had better matches from then on, but it was completely unpredictable which face the team showed. At the end of the summer, we didn’t want to be impatient, but in vain we stood in confidence with Nikolich, there was a point we couldn’t go any further.”

“And here we have to think not only about the results, but also about the team’s play. Even within a match, we showed a quality fluctuation that could not have had any consequences other than failure. We didn’t move forward, the situation didn’t improve much, so they set off. internal processes, and we had to step in at the end of the fall. “

Nikolico was finally sent by MOL Fehérvár FC at the end of November, after a defeat at home to the Puskás Academy, which was forced to hand over the first place to Ferencváros for the first time during the tournament. As it turned out, permanently.

Changing coaches was also risky

Joan Carrillo didn’t really find the rhythm either, the team continued to alternate between better and worse matches, which meant the FTC’s advantage didn’t want to diminish. We nailed the question to Kovács as to whether it was not a mistake to entrust a selected frame for a coach who plays primarily defensive football to a Spanish professional who believes in offensive football.

“Vidi’s framework is extremely ample and can be varied very well, not to mention that it would only have been suitable for a kind of football. We have several versatile players who are able to adapt to different tactics as well, plus I don’t think our team’s play has changed dramatically with the arrival of Carrillo. We got a little more playful, maybe we moved a little higher, our attacks became more aggressive, but our game was still based on organization. “

I don’t see the problem in that either, and the numbers support me too: we scored fewer goals under Carrillo than under Nikolic. Rather, the problem was that we got less, and the balance was still not typical of us.“The biggest problem was that we had a hard time changing our base game in vain, as evidenced by the situation. This is evidenced by the fact that we gained the lead many times, but rarely managed to keep the advantage. This – regardless of the coach’s identity – haunted Vidit throughout the season. . “

The resumption did not bring resurrection either

Ferencváros could already have a serious advantage for the quarantine break, MOL Fehérvár FC lost its own destiny in the championship, but in the Hungarian Cup, where the team from Fehérvár was the defending champion, there was a very good chance to lift a team in the air in 2020 as well. trophy of the Vidi team captain.

“The restart was very important because while we were playing the cup semi-finals, the FTC made up for its two missed matches, clearing the situation for the rest of the tournament in every way.”

Vidi came out of the worst possible start from the start, as he practically decided the fate of the championship title by winning both Ferencváros missed matches, and MOL Fehérvár FC thoroughly stabbed the Hungarian Cup semi-finalist after an encouraging match in Mezőkövesd, and the 2-2 final. due to which he was unable to enter the cup final.

“The Hungarian Cup was a big and important goal for us, and we were terribly disappointed with the relegation. This was only exacerbated by the fact that not only would our disadvantage vis-à-vis Ferencváros have decreased, the difference has only increased, although that wasn’t so surprising anymore because I felt on the team that after the cap loss we no longer had a big hair in us.

“There’s nothing to do, congratulations to the FTC, which won the championship quite deservedly. I think their point advantage is an exaggeration, but if they had finished three points ahead of us, it wouldn’t be any different, we’d be just as disappointed. to assess where we made a mistake and, after deducting the consequences, to embark on the next season by continuing to send a competitive, ambitious team to the field. “

The new MOL Fehérvár FC is already being formed

Kovács said he wouldn’t want to catch anything for a generational change, if they could replay the season, he would still try to add young players to the team, such as the two routine defenders, Roland Juhász and Musliu-Rus, who play a lot in place of Vinícius Paulo.

“For club leaders, it’s high season now,” said the sports director, “but that doesn’t mean we’ve just gotten together to put together next year’s team. We have the ideas, we know what they want, and we’re working now to have a competitive team next year.” . “

There will be a little blood refresh, but I think there will be players in the Vidi locker room who can take the lead from the leavers as they move forward. Kovácsik, Pátkai, Kovács István, or among the more routine, Stopira and Nikolics are also absolutely suitable to be the leader of our team. Someone has to step up, no fairy tales!

Finally, we asked the sports director what were the most important experiences of the season left behind, what he learned professionally from the season, which brought little success. “Life teaches me over and over again how fragile things are to trust. I approach everyone with absolute confidence, in return I get a good deal of slaps, and that was the case this season as well. I have to be much more ruthless in some things, and it’s both professionally and humanly. true, “said Zoltán Kovács after some reflection.