Youtubers’Pizza Nara Chicken Princess’ food craze… From Bogyeom to Jeong Seonho… Song Dae-ik dis?

Picture = YouTube broadcast screen capture

‘Pizza Nara Chicken Princess’, who suffered from the brand image by lying on the broadcast by YouTuber Song Dae-ik (pictured), announced a legal response. have.

On the last 3rd, YouTuber Jeong Sun-ho posted a video titled “Mom and Pizza Country Chicken Princess Eating, Nuclear Honey Taste!”

In the video, Jeong Seon-ho revealed the delicious eating of pizza and chicken with his mother, and gave a message of comfort to self-employed people who are struggling economically with the new coronavirus infection (Corona19).

In addition, the video revealed the phone number of’Pizza Nation Chicken Princess’ and supported the brands.

Picture = YouTube broadcast screen capture

The famous YouTuber Bogyeom also had an exclamation point saying, “The chicken is so strong” and “The dough is very tasty,” while eating chicken and pizza at’Pizza Chicken Chicken’ on the same day.

Bogyeom also worked hard to fix the store’s phone number in the comments for the brand owners.

Picture = YouTube broadcast screen capture

On the other hand, YouTuber Song Dae-ik ordered “Pizzana Chicken Princess” pizza and chicken on YouTube broadcast on June 28 last month, and claimed that “the delivery man bite the chicken and stole some pizzas”, but this was not found to be true.

On this day, on the 1st, YouTuber Song Dae-ik (27) said about the video containing the’Delivery of the delivery man’ previously disclosed, “It is a video that was produced. I would like to express my sincere apologies to those concerned and the owners of the affected brands for their damages.” The brand decided to take legal action against Youtube Song Dae-ik.

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