YouTube is followed by TikTok. Adds the function of clips in one longer video

Facebook, together with the Instagram social network, is trying to implement a function similar to that of the TikTok network. This is short, 15-second clips that you can publish to your profile. After the new one, the old well-known YouTube will be added to them.

Arrival of a function known from the TikTok application

The YouTube platform also gets the idea of ​​short videos. The feature is intended to allow the creation of approximately 15-second clips, which are then combined into one longer video. Some users are already reporting the availability of this convenience and by TheNextWeb it’s called “multi-segment videos”.

It allows people to create short, interesting and entertaining content directly through the application, similar to the well-known social network TikTok.

We’re testing a new way for creators to easily create multiple clips directly in the YouTube mobile app and upload them as a single video. If you’ve been included in this experiment, you’ll see the option to create such a video.

Tap or hold the record button to record the first clip. Press again to turn off recording. Tapping and holding again will cause another short video to start recording, which you will stop in the same way. Repeat these steps until you have finished recording up to a maximum of 15 seconds.

Will YouTube be a new success?

By the way, YouTube itself also stated that if you want to have a clip longer than 15 seconds in the video, you will need to upload it directly from your smartphone’s gallery.

According to several, this is a clever trick by YouTube, which will try to ensure that similar videos are uploaded to their video platform rather than to TikTok itself.

However, much of the content on TikTok has been criticized many times, which may discourage YouTube lovers. On the other hand, you need to trust content creators to be interested in really successful videos that are interesting and will entertain many viewers.

Finally, it is important that people actually use this incoming feature. If it gets really little popularity, it will probably turn out the same as YouTube Stories, which was not added to the app so long ago.