AirPods Max

The AirPods Max continue to leave us a lot of surprises as the days go by, and the truth is that this type of information that iFixit usually obtains through its disassemblies is incredible. This latest innovation leaves us quite “expectant” about the future of accessories for AirPods Max and how they could be interchangeable.

We are already clear that we can change the pads of the AirPods Max easily thanks to its system of magnets but … Did you know that you can change the AirPods Max headband using the SIM tray key? Apple does not include this accessory in the box, but it is fully functional.

If we remove the pads, we see a small hole quite centered right in the area where the “pin” of the headband is inserted in these AirPods Max. If we insert the SIM tray opening key through the hole and press, the system will be unlocked and we can extract this part of the headband. This means in the first place that both hearing aids are totally independent of each other in terms of physical systems, that is, the band does not have any cables that pass from one side to the other and connect them physically.

On the other hand, we do not know if it is simply a “repair” mechanism that Apple has wanted to include because it expects the AirPods Max headbands to break easily, or if instead we are close to seeing a good battle of interchangeable headbands, such as it happens with the pads. If there is any company capable of doing a succulent business with something so banal, it is Apple. It makes all the logic, imagine that you cut or split the headband in half, are you going to throw away the AirPods completely for that? Apple for a “small price” will change just the headband in a few minutes and you are so happy.