Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Formula 1 race calendar had to be modified as early as January: the season-opening race will be held at another location a week later, and in the second half of the season the races will take place almost non-stop, at least according to current plans. according to.

However, according to Dutch sources, this situation will not stay that way for long, as there will be no Monaco, Azerbaijan and Canada Grand Prix after 2020. The sacrifice of the three races scheduled for May 23, June 6, and 13 may be necessary because of the ever-changing race calendar: preparations at these city venues begin months earlier, and any time changes could be difficult to make.

However, according to the source, there is no need to give up – for the time being – the 23-race season. Supposedly, instead of losing venues, there are already pop-up racetracks in the form of the Istanbul asphalt strip, Mugello and the Nürburgring.