You can apply for aid for the purchase of a car

At the extraordinary Council of Ministers held today, Friday, July 3, the Government approved the Renove 2020 Plan, destined to car purchase aids and other vehicles and that consider incentives between 4,000 and 400 euros in the case of private buyers.

Finally endowed with a budget of 250 million euros, this aid plan is framed within the automotive boost strategy of the Executive, a sector hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, and is parallel to the Plan MOVES 2020, whose incentives are exclusively for electric, hydrogen models and plug-in hybrids.

However, in addition to electric and PHEV, the new Renove also includes models efficient gasoline or diesel (label C), as well as hybrids or gas cars (LPG / Natural Gas). Furthermore, unlike MOVES, this incentive plan requires scrap a car old vehicle.

It must be borne in mind that both plans are incompatible for the same vehicle: whoever requests the Renove incentives will not be able to join those of MOVES 2020 and vice versa.

Who can apply for the aid?


Although it has not been approved until today, the aid application has retroactive from June 16, at which time the plan was announced, as well as its characteristics and requirements. That is, whoever has bought a car since that date can enjoy the incentives.

The Renove plan is focused on private and self-employed buyers (which have the same grants), as well as SMEs and large companies.

How should the car be?

This purchase incentive plan only includes aid for vehicles with energy classification A or B. According to the Government, these make up 45% of the current supply of vehicles.

Seat Leon 22

This means that only models with environmental label C, ECO or ZERO they can enjoy these purchase aids, be they cars or vans. Cars may not exceed 120 g / km CO₂.

In the case of cars it includes:

  • Electrical
  • Plug-in hybrids
  • Fuel cell (hydrogen)
  • Hybrids
  • Gas Natural y GLP
  • Gasoline (Label C)
  • Diesel (Label C)

In addition, it stipulates a limit price for the car, which is set to 35.000 euros, but that rises to 45,000 euros for vehicles adapted for people with reduced mobility as well as for those with a ZERO label (electric, hydrogen and plug-in hybrids with 40 kilometers or more of electric autonomy).

And although it is essentially focused on new models, these incentives can also be adhered to self-registered cars as of January 1, 2020, with the aim of facilitating dealers to exit their stock of vehicles.

Which are the requirements?

How to scrap the car to apply for the 2020 renewal plan aid

In order to request these purchase aids, it is an essential requirement scrapping an old vehicle. In the case of automobiles, they must have at least 10 years old And, if it’s a van or light commercial, the minimum is seven years.

The scrapped vehicle must have the ITV in force and must be up to date with the Circulation Tax. Likewise, the holder of this must be the same person who makes the purchase, for at least one year, or be the beneficiary of a first-degree relative.

How are the aids?


These incentives vary depending on the mechanics, favoring those with lower emissions, which is why cars with ZERO or ECO label are enjoy them greater aid.

As regards private buyers, and in the case of cars, those of ZERO label are assigned a discount of 4.000 euros, whereas, for those classified as ECO, aid ranges from 1,000 and 600 euros. In the case of the gasoline and diesel of label C, the incentives are between 400 and 800 euros.











4.000 euros

3.200 euros

2.800 euros


1.000 euros

600 euros

800 euros

500 euros

700 euros

450 euros


800 euros

400 euros

650 euros

350 euros

550 euros

300 euros

To these aids we must add a additional mandatory discount that the dealers and whose amount is identical to that provided by the Government, except for the ZERO label models, which is set at a maximum of 1,000 euros.

Furthermore, the Renove 2020 Plan behold additional aid of 500 euros in case of:

  • Deliver a vehicle over 20 years old.
  • If the beneficiary is a person with reduced mobility.
  • For families with monthly income of less than 1,500 euros.

In this way, for example, in the purchase of an electric car, the Renove aid can reach up to 5,500 euros, matching that offered by MOVES in the case of scrapping an old car:

  • Renew Incentive: 4,000 euros.
  • Dealer discount: 1,000 euros.
  • Additional social: 500 euros.

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