You can also have this useful feature from iOS 14 on Android

In Google Play, we still find a lot of applications that monitor the location unnecessarily in the background without the direct consent of the user, or access the camera or microphone of the phone at times when it is obviously not necessary. A new application called will help reveal these practices Access Dotswhich you can download completely free of charge.

dots in iOS 14 | photo: 9to5Mac

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Google doesn’t like it

In recent months, Google has taken a tougher stance on apps or developers whose apps unnecessarily access features that can compromise users, especially after the release of Android 10, but these efforts are often not enough. A new application from the user comes to the rescue jagan2 with out XDA Developers, which has created applications such as Energy Ring, Energy Bar and Energy Notch in the past.

As in iOS 14

Like the implementation of a new feature in iOS 14, Access Dots displays colored dots whenever a camera or microphone is used. Basically, the dots appear in the upper right corner of the screen, but if that doesn’t suit you, just visit the settings and choose another location.

In addition, you can choose from different colors, both for the camera and the microphone, and of course change the size of the dot itself. You can see how everything works in practice in the GIF below, which shows access to the Instagram camera in Stories.

Download for free

Access Dots is free to download and now available in the Google Play Store. A developer named jagan2 notes that the application itself does not have access to the camera or microphone. And let’s not forget that Accees Dots works on every smartphone with the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system and newer.