Yeojung Kim “Strengthen the control of impurities and books”… Emphasis on the 6/27 business role

    Notetel, radio, mp4 (video player) used by North Koreans / Photo = Daily NK

While North Korean authorities are stepping up internal crackdowns saying they should get rid of non-socialist phenomena, it was reported that Kim Yeo-jung, the first vice president of the Central Committee of the Labor Party, recently issued orders to further strengthen control over illegal video and impurity.

Yang Gang-do sources told the Daily NK on the 3rd that “Comrade Kim Jong-un played the role of a non-socialist grouper through the 6·27 business on the 27th of the month after the 7th anniversary of the 7th anniversary of comrades giving a policy to combat unlawful (illegal) videos and books. Comrade Kim Yeo-jung’s policy for raising the stairs has been issued.”

According to sources, Kim Yeo-jung said in this direction,’The secret video and impurity books play a part in inducing ideological changes and inspiring rebels in the people.’ They follow the party, but they are living with different people inside,’ he stressed that the non-socialist phenomena that are prevalent inside must be rooted out.

In particular, Yeo-Jung Kim mentioned that even if those who sneak or disperse illegal video or impurity are intermittent, they are squeezing and bribing with law enforcement agencies. ‘I can’t.’

At the same time, Kim Yeo-jung instructed the provincial, provincial, and provincial Party’s propaganda departments as direct directors of the 6/27 business, while instructing them to conduct responsible control projects, while the security and security departments, the prosecution office, and the People’s Committee of the 6/27 business He added that the members of the working group should be replaced with new members to achieve confident results.

In this regard, the source said, “In accordance with the policy directions of comrade Kim Yeo-jung, the period for preparing a new 6/27 business is set to 4 days. The instructions were also given.”

Among them, Kim Yeo-jung was also known to emphasize that’people who bring in and distribute impurity videos and books from foreign countries to promote non-socialist phenomena should not forgive the tribute, but punish them with severe punishment.’

In the meantime, it is the priority of the crackdown and censorship of the money and powerful people who use batteries for the 6/27 business or to steal thieves, and examine them individually through the heads of the people’s groups. It is also said that it has provided specific guidelines such as monitoring and control.

The source said, “The last time Comrade Kim said that we should prevent the acts of giving out gaps so that the enemy can infiltrate the ideological and cultural intrusion into our socialist system. We should do this as a national and national project.” .