Xbox: Will there be three next-gen consoles, not just one?

We already know a lot about Xbox Series X, what is missing is greater clarity on the launch line up and knowing the price and release date of Microsoft’s next gen console. According to several rumors, there will also be another less powerful console alongside Series X that for the moment the web classifies as Series S. Apparently, however, it seems that at Redmond’s house two consoles are not enough and here they come out on the net of new references to a third new Xbox of the new generation.

This possible “scoop” comes again from the Twitter account of Jez Corden, the editor of Windows Central who has had many things to say over the past few days. Just like in the past, this third Microsoft console is being mentioned in the form of a codename. If Xbox Series X was recognized internally as Anaconda and Series S as Lockhart, according to Corden there is still a code name to reveal; or Edinburgh.

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Jez Corden himself promptly replied to his own post after a while to try and clarify his cryptic statements. According to the reporter, this third mysterious model it will certainly not be a portable console by Microsoft, as in all probability it will not even be a real console but, it could be a device linked to the streaming gaming service Project xCloud.

To be honest this is the first time ever that we hear of a third version of Xbox next gen, and we do not know at the moment when and how this Edinburgh project can be revealed to the public. What do you think of these latest statements by Jez Corden? What do you think this third Xbox codenamed could be? Tell us yours in the comments section.