Wuppertal suspension railway is taken out of service

Due to technical problems, the Wuppertal suspension railway is taken out of service for one year on weekdays. The train is scheduled to stand still from Monday to Friday from August 12, a spokesman for the municipal utility said on Friday. There will then be replacement traffic by summer 2021. At the weekend, the railways are supposed to run against it. Several media had previously reported.

According to Stadtwerke, around 82,000 people use the famous suspension railway on weekdays. In April it was discovered that the wheel tires wore irregularly. Since then, eleven vehicles should have been taken out of service. The company had already announced at the beginning of June that there was a delivery bottleneck for the spare wheels.

The over 100 year old elevated railway had been renovated from the 1990s. A new model of the monorails was introduced over three years ago. However, there were always technical problems. After a technical incident, among other things, the railways are no longer traveling at 60, but only 40 kilometers per hour. In 2018, a conductor rail crashed from the support structure over a length of several hundred meters. The suspension railway is considered the backbone of local transport in Wuppertal. (dpa)