Worldwide mountain of electronic waste is growing rapidly

You only have to look around in your living room to see that we are surrounded by electrical devices. From a global perspective, this becomes a serious problem. Every European produces 16 kilos of e-waste every year – and far too little is recycled.

Anyone who has ever stood in front of a cruise ship knows that such a ship is damn big. And damn hard. It is therefore no coincidence that the authors of the “Global E-Waste Monitor 2020” – an inventory of the worldwide problem with electronic waste – use exactly these sea giants as a benchmark.

Your calculation: It would take 350 ships the size of the “Queen Mary 2” to weigh all the discarded monitors, thrown away cell phones and disposed refrigerators that mankind has produced in the past year. It is a huge number. For a huge problem.

The global mountain of electronic waste continues to grow. This is stated in the report, which was published on Thursday and to which the United Nations University, among others, co-wrote.

In 2019, 53.6 million tons came together, which means growth of 21 percent within five years. The authors call it a record. And the forecast is no different: 74 million tons are expected in 2030. Everything that has a plug or a battery is counted.