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This time Imran asked, “What is the reason for Sumon Mistry’s objection, Paru Apa?” I smiled softly and said, “Because I don’t know. I heard he didn’t want to marry me, so he was angry with our family! He also made nonsensical remarks about me. ” Mama is extremely excited this time, “Where did you know all this? Sumon has such a big challenge! ” I said, “Nazneen, I mean the bride herself told me. Now who can talk about the godfather of Sumon Jamalpur? ” Mami asked again, “Does the girl have any objection to the marriage again?” I told her to reassure her, “No, no, auntie, my daughter likes her brother very much. He told me to do something! ” As soon as I finished speaking, Mama stood up and said, “Leave the matter of marriage to me! I’m watching my nephew’s wedding. I also see Sumon. You stay mom, I have a little work, the staff is waiting. Today I will make all the decisions, mother, I promised you. I will go to Amlapara girl’s house through Ashek Mahmud College with Sumon. But you will eat at noon. ” Moni-mama prepared to leave. I also got up and said, “Mama, if you go to college, I will go with you too, you leave me a little on the floor. I have a job, college is open. I have to go to Mymensingh. I don’t know how long it has been. Mami-ma is coming, you do a little research, mama don’t forget the matter. ” Evan hadn’t said a word for so long, and this time he insisted, “Don’t worry, sister. I’ll remind Dad.” Mama smiled, “You don’t have to remind me, I’m taking care of everything today. Well, mother, if you have a job, then let’s drop you off at home. Moni-mama, I both went out. From behind, Imran said, “Apu, come again. If I didn’t know that you came to Jamalpur, then I would have gone home. ” I laughed and said, “What’s the point of going without me?” We came out.

It is as if all the scenes have changed in Turi. Nazneen’s father came to our house in the evening. He went to talk to his father. The smile that was lost on the brother’s face with the evil breath came back as if Anand Bihar had recovered. Preparations for the wedding at home began with new vigor. I feel like my winner today. It seems that a festive atmosphere has been created at home. Dad and brother were talking at night, I got there before I went to sleep. Dad said, “Ganesh has turned upside down Ray Parmita! Whoever objected to your brother’s marriage being annulled has lifted the ban. I did not understand the matter. ” I didn’t say anything about it, I just said, “Understand what is needed, the big thing is that the stalemate has broken.” The father said, “The daughter’s father came and said, arrange the wedding. Sumon’s consent has been obtained. ” I told my father, “I need to go. I want to go tomorrow. My class is going on. I have left without taking leave, father, if I don’t go now, there may be a problem. ” Dad didn’t disagree this time, he said, “Hmm, let’s go.” I didn’t talk anymore, I came back to my room. As soon as I closed the door, Sabuj stood beside me and spoke.

: Did you make a revolution? Shouldn’t you focus on your studies now?

: Do you feel very lonely in the hospital?

: Exclude the issue of my loneliness. He is not my stigma but my glory. I came to earth to celebrate loneliness. I will say goodbye forever by drawing an outline of a dream in the pain of loneliness; He is also prepared. But you want to make the line of your hand come true. When the time is up, the willpower also becomes helpless; If you forget this word, why?

: Hmm, ‘Time will tell!’

: Lalon’s philosophy of this song is not false. Our folklore says, ‘One fork of time – ten forks of untimely.’ I have blocked the way to match myself to the ten-horizon, I have a one-way journey, you can call it Agastya Yatra.

: Are you arrogantly talking about spirituality today?

: Pride! Why, with whom arrogance? What are you proud of? Pride in any right? I am the water hyacinth floating in the flood waters, I will go back somewhere with the pull of the flood, or I will be stuck somewhere and dry up and die; Why do you remember my words in the river?

: Damn it! I see the melody of deep sadness playing! Come to me. Hug me and listen to what the sound of breathing says. Feel with the touch of the chest, see whose name is uttered in the ups and downs of the heart.

: Touch is not needed to understand the warmth of the heart. The warmth of the heart is to be felt with the heart. Find me in the eyes of the heart, you will surely find it somewhere. If you ever think you can’t find it; Understand, I am lost from your world.

Paul turned green. I couldn’t find him anywhere. I waited for the green from long sleeplessness; But did not return. I can’t say when I fell asleep. It was too late to wake up the next morning. The mind has been burdened since morning; But why? Can’t remember After breakfast I sat in the verandah chair with a cup of tea to find the source of sadness. Just a couple of sips of tea, the boy from Nazneen a few days ago peeked out of the gate. I gestured to him. The boy walked cautiously towards me. He took a letter out of his pocket and handed it to me. Nazneen wrote 6

Parmita Priyota,

Greetings-love. I don’t know what magic you do. It is not good for me to go to your house, but you have no problem coming to our house. Will you come once Wanting to hear something from your mouth. Please come once you think it is urgent?

Yours is Nazneen.

I thought, I can’t go today, I have to go to Mymensingh tomorrow. I looked up from the note and saw that the boy was not there. When he left, I didn’t know. I got ready and left for Amlapara.

Today Nazneen’s house is as different as mine. It is as if Khalamma is trying to get a new family and take her in her arms. She called her husband and said, “Go to the market soon. New family has come home.” Nazneen grabbed me from her mother’s lap and locked me in her room. I anticipated the situation and said, “Nazneen, I have to go to Mymensingh tomorrow! Some preparations remain. I have to go home now. ” Nazneen pulled me and put me on the bed and said, “You have a bad head! Did your mother let you go? ” I sat him down and said, “Don’t be mad. I have to go. I left Jamalpur without taking leave from college, I don’t know what is happening in college. ” Nazneen smiled and said, “Have you left anyone in college? Why are you so busy? ” I said to myself, “No, it’s not like that; However, I have been absent from class for so long without saying anything, so I am worried. I wouldn’t have come today, but I read your letter and looked at it, the letter carrier Hawa! The boy did not eat anything. I had to come. ” Nazneen stopped me and said, “Do you have to go?” I shook my head and said, “There is no alternative. Besides, I left home without saying anything; Mom will worry. ” Nazneen left the house without saying anything. After a while he came back and locked the door again. “Now listen, tell me, how do you do the impossible?” I pretended to be surprised and said, “What is impossible? I do not understand the meaning of your words? ” Nazneen pushed me on the shoulder and said, “Don’t be silly Parmita, tell the truth; How did you break Sumon Bhai’s net and free me? ” This time I said in secret, “I set you free, did I not entangle myself in a tighter net?” Understand one thing, Nazneen, when you go to our house as my fiance, your brother-in-law will have free access to our house from that day on. ” I can see from Nazneen’s eyes that everything is smoky for her. Nazneen’s simple question is, “Brother Sumon, if you get a chance to go home, why would you fall into the trap?” I did not understand what to say. As soon as I was released, Khalamma became an angel and knocked on the door. As soon as he opened the door, he entered the room with a plate of sweets in a tray. I did not understand what to say. I got my attention on a plate of sweets to get rid of Nazneen’s question.

I am not a main character in the world of Permita. I don’t know if you remember me. I came in need of Permita’s story as a side character. When Parmita was admitted to medical school to study MBBS, I got a chance to be her classmate. A few rooms were allotted for some MBBS students in a part of the Nurses Hostel, where I also had a place to stay with Permita. Apart from Parmita’s sister’s house in Mymensingh, there are a few relatives ‘houses, but I have no relatives’ houses; So it is difficult for me to continue my studies without getting a place in a hostel; Dad, of course, thought of renting a house for me in town if necessary; Luckily I got a place in a nurses hostel. From the very beginning I became friends with Permita; In the third year, our friendship deepened; Of course, I was more interested in our friendship. After the poet was admitted to Sabuj Hospital, I noticed that the closeness from Permita’s side also increased. As Permita’s classmate and roommate, I got to know you a little bit, I got acquainted with Sabuj. If I had not been admitted to Sabuj Hospital, I would never have known him. If Parmita hadn’t gone home suddenly, I wouldn’t have had a chance to get close to Sabuj; Despite being a side character, there was no opportunity to tell the story of the time when Parmita was absent. You must remember that before leaving home, Parmita gave me the responsibility of taking care of the green and taking care of it. I have never neglected to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to me. But when Parmita went missing leaving her own patient in my care, I was forced to shoulder some of the responsibilities of the green. The poet was given a seat in the cabin, especially as a relative of the student, and as the patient’s condition improved, so did the formalities of leaving the cabin; Meanwhile, there is no search for Permita.

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