With keyboard and mouse support in games on the iPad – why do you need games on a Mac?

During the WWDC conference, Apple announced that it would be possible to launch games on the iPad with the release of iPadOS 14 that supported the keyboard and mouse. This happened during one of the sessions for developers. Of course, the creators of the games will need to add the appropriate framework, but now it’s clear that Apple is doing something completely different from the iPad than the tablet. Of course, it will not replace gaming computers yet, but it can easily become a more suitable device for games than the same Mac.

IPad will now be an even more versatile gaming device

IPad Games

iPad itself – fully independent gaming device. For many iPad has become the main tool for games: of course, GTA V can not be launched on it yet, but the same Call Of Duty goes without problems. Yes, and why not? There are many games available on the App Store, including exclusive games from Apple Arcade, so there’s no problem with variety.

Nevertheless, earlier we were mainly attached to touch control in games on the iPad, and only then we began to receive support from third-party controllers. In iPadOS 13, we got the opportunity to use DualShock 4 and Xbox One S controllers with Apple devices, which eliminates the need to look for controllers with only MFi certification. And with the release of iPadOS 13.4, the iPad received full mouse and keyboard support. Therefore, it is quite natural that now it can be used not only for typing or surfing the Internet, but also for games.

There are many good games on the iPad, which is what Vainglory is worth. And before, it was only on PCs and consoles!

Personally, I am not a big fan of first-person shooters on the iPad, it has always been difficult for me to play them with a game controller instead of a keyboard and mouse. I’m much more comfortable using the mouse to control the scope, and the keyboard – it’s somehow more intuitive to move around. For this reason, I don’t have a game console: I even bought myself an Xbox somehow, but I couldn’t cope with joystick control.

IPad and keyboard support

Apple also mentioned additional joystick support. Xbox Elite Series 2 and adaptive controller. With their help, game developers will be able to add their own tactile effects in their applications for iPhone and iPad. It’s amazing how far iPad games have come in recent years.

It seems that touch control in games is a thing of the past.

Of course, no one says that games on the iPad, even in the next 5 years, will turn out to be cooler than on the PC (I don’t mention the PlayStation and Xbox anymore) – nevertheless, the tablet hardware is not so good as to get ahead of other devices from game shop. At the same time, I have big questions for the gaming future of the Mac. It seems that Apple somehow left this direction aside and now intends to develop games on the iPad. Indeed, if we now compare the set of gaming applications in the App Store and the Mac App Store, there are clearly more games on iOS. And they are often cooler than on a Mac. And considering that Apple is now on the path of “transforming” macOS into iOS (just look at the macOS Bug Sur interface), it may not be involved in Mac games.

Plus iPad – the ability to run demanding games, and even my iPad 7th generation in 2019 copes with any game from the App Store. On a laptop, I can only play arcade games or platformers that do not require special resources, and if you start something serious, the fans begin to make noise, as if the 320th AirBus is getting ready to take off. You can’t play games with more or less detailed graphics. The iPad calmly “digests” modern game engines, and that already says a lot. Would you play on a tablet more with keyboard and mouse support? Share your opinion in our Telegram chat.