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Thanks to technological innovations, rechargeable wireless lamps have now become a real type of lighting. If once they were only emergency or camping lights, today we often find them in the restaurant in their most popular form: the bright table center, contemporary alternative to candle light dinner.

Elegant, cordless luminaires, to be placed anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, have a variable autonomy that generally reaches around 8 hours, but in some cases even more like the 16 hours of Come Together by Artemide (pictured in opening): enough for a bright evening in any context.

Of course you need to know how to distinguish between gadgets and real furnishing lamps. To be on the safe side, all you need to do is turn to brands that produce lighting, almost everyone now has models in the catalog.

Tetatet flûte by Davide Groppi

Wireless bedside lamps

In addition to the most common use at the moment in the middle of the table, the wireless lamps are also found on the bedside table. A strategic position because from a fundamental light point next to the bed, they can also be transformed, if necessary, into a night lantern.

The right place

The basic lighting of a room must include one or more light points capable of giving light to the environment and others dedicated to bringing bright atmospheric accents. It is in this second category that wireless lights are inserted, an ideal solution to overcome the problem of finding power outlets and avoiding cables that go down from consoles and bookcases.

kartell battery

Battery designed by Ferruccio Laviani is the Kartell wireless lamp

Wireless wall lamps

Precisely for this advantage of freedom from wall power, you can also find models of rechargeable cordless wall and ceiling lamps. The obvious advantage is that of being able to add a light point without needing to intervene with masonry but a simple hook. The need to recharge remains. While for remote control it is necessary to identify smart light sources to be controlled via wifi.