For a long time, Disney owned the written by AA Milne Winnie the Pooh-books, but the famous novel has recently reached the age when copyright can no longer be asserted and has become public domain. That way, anyone can make a cover of it, without being restricted by genre.

An independent film team quickly pounced on this with the support of Jagged Edge Productions, which embraces z-category cinemas. The film was written and directed by an avid filmmaker named Rhys Frake-Waterfield, who had no idea that their little creative work would stir up so much dust.

And the people of the net devour this kind of thing, and based on the trailer, the film brings what it should bring. Gida Róbert has grown up, and he and his girlfriend return to the Hundred Moons Pagony, where the old friends are no longer as cute animals as they once were. The years spent alone in the forest brought out the bloodthirsty beast in them, and instead of honey flowing from the granary, they would rather sip human blood from their veins.