British historian David Starkey he found himself in an awkward situation. He is accused of racism after being interviewed (see below) by Darrenom Grimesom, to the founders of the BeLeave movement, which advocated the UK’s exit from the European Union, disagreed that the Black Lives Matter movement (black lives count). entirely a product of white colonization. What’s more: The 75-year-old claimed they were “Young black protesters also because of slavery.”

Starkey also stressed that slavery simply cannot be equated with the Holocaust. “Slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many damn blacks in Africa and Britain, right? Many of them survived. And again, it is pointless to oppose globalization or Western civilization: they are all a product of it. We are all her product. ”

He also addressed BLM activists who want to “decolonize the curriculum.” “You cannot deconollize the curriculum, because you, BLM, are entirely a product of white colonization. You are not culturally black Africans. If you were thrown into black Africa, you would die in a matter of seconds because you wouldn’t know how to deal with it. You are the product of cultural and racial mixing. “

The historian’s employers at the University of Cambridge are still considering whether to keep him on the payroll.