“We are preparing a major law that will eliminate and restore some measures adopted by the Janša government,” said Nika Kovač, president of the March 8 Institute, at today’s press conference, which was symbolically held in the immediate vicinity of the National Assembly.

The institute divided the measures into several strands, namely increasing the influence of politics in education, culture and the police, removing organizations that protect nature from capital, procedures for destroying the rule of law and enriching elites.

The bill will repeal amendments to at least eleven laws adopted during the Janez Janša government, namely the Law on the Organization and Financing of Education, the Law on the Organization and Work of the Police, the Debureaucratization Act, the Nature Conservation Act, the Penal Code, the the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Weapons Act, the Aliens Act, the Road Transport Act, the Construction Act and the Corporate Income Tax Act.

More to follow …