Why Israel is hesitant to annex the West Bank

This Wednesday 1is In July, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was to unveil a peace plan, which involves annexing part of the West Bank. The day has passed and no announcement has been made on this issue, which has angered the Palestinians and condemned part of the international community.

What is this plan and what does it include? Will it allow the establishment of a Palestinian state? Why does Netanyahu, who made it an electoral argument, seem to be backing down? Could Trump’s November defeat put an end to this project? What does France think?

Answers in The world before you, our weekly podcast on French and international political news presented by Christophe Carron, with Jean-Marie Colombani, publication director of Slate.fr, and Alain Frachon, editorial writer for Le Monde specializing in international issues.

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Photo: Abir Sultan / POOL / AFP