When will iPhone 12 be released?

The launch of the new iPhone models has been taking place in September for 9 years with the launch of the iPhone 4s. However the launch of the iPhone 12 is a mystery. This year there have been numerous delays due to the current situation, especially in China, and this makes it unclear when the iPhone 12 could be launched.

We have heard rumors of all kinds, there are filters that say that Apple has managed to cope with the closure of factories and that the iPhone 12 is still scheduled for September, with just a few weeks delay in the worst case. Another however are much more pessimistic, and say that we could run out of new iPhones until next 2021.

The most likely iPhone 12 release date

At the current launch date of the iPhone 12 it is very difficult to know, in the end it is a mere speculation based on the rumors that have been emerging. There is no doubt that Apple unlikely to unveil iPhone 12 in early September 2020 as it has in recent years, most likely we will see a delay of a few weeks. The case of iOS 14 is similar, the new version of iOS always arrives at the same level as the new iPhone, so the arrival of iOS 14 on the market is also unknown.

iPhone 12 ios 14 dark mode

At this point, What options does Apple have? Well there are many, and all will depend on how much iPhone 12 models they can make before the end of the summer. The company has several options on the table, and today it is impossible to know what the plan they are going to follow, perhaps not even the same Apple knows:

  • Option 1: keynote presentation of the iPhone 12 in September with few models. The first option is to maintain the established plans and present the iPhones in September and with an immediate but very limited availability of all models, something that would cause long waiting periods. It does not seem an option that Apple is going to make sure.
  • Option 2: keynote presentation of the iPhone 12 in September and later release. A strategy that is not new, when Apple introduced the iPhone X and XR in September, they were not released until several months later, the iPhone X did not arrive until November. One more possible option seeing the current situation.
  • Option 3: keynote presentation of the iPhone 12 in October and immediate launch. Another possible option is to reduce the distance between the presentation and the launch, for this the keynote of the iPhone 12 could be delayed a few weeks until October, so that it would not be long until its launch on the market.
  • Option 4: keynote presentation of the iPhone 12 at the end of the year and launch in 2021. This is the most drastic option and would only occur in the event that Apple suffers numerous problems with the manufacture of the iPhone 12. In the event of not being able to start manufacturing the new 2020 iPhone throughout the summer, the only option would be to delay them Several months.

IPhone 12 concept

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Of course this is just mere speculation based on current rumors. If Apple manages to start production over the next few weeks, chances are we’ll see an iPhone 12 launch in September or October 2020. If the bad news keeps coming from China, its delay will be impossible to avoid, and we’ll see how long.