“When I was a little lost, Angelo appeared”

The year of TvBoy -artistic pseudonym of Salvatore Benintende- was 2018. An intervention of his that appeared in the streets of Rome, in which Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio were seen kissing, led to several complaints from the police , but also placed his work at the center of the political debate in a country that was perplexed by the agreement between the leaders of the League and the 5 Star Movement to form a government. “At the time I was a little lost, because I had a great media coverage and I couldn’t take on all the work that was coming out of me,” he explains. It was then that, coincidentally, the Angel House appeared in his life. “He was in Barcelona attending a fair and came to see me at the workshop. He commissioned me a painting based on The last dinner of Leonardo da Vinci, whom he loved, and soon we met again in Naples ”.

In southern Italy TvBoy had different projects. In the streets of Naples he painted San Maradona and another graffiti of the comic Totò, very popular in Italy, and in Pompeii, where the far right had threatened the organizers of Gay Pride, he made Pope Francis holding a heart with the colors of the rainbow. This time Angelo was already an accomplice: “He guided me, he accompanied me by car everywhere. We fell in love. He was born in Palermo, like me, and has a very strong accent that reminded me of my childhood from the first moment ”. The Pope’s graffiti again generated a great deal of controversy: at first it was erased, but later the mayor of Pompeii himself came out in his defense and assured that the work of TvBoy should be a stimulus for dialogue.

It was in the midst of that media uproar that the artist asked Angelo to become his representative. “I needed someone to help me and he, who came from the business world, had always been a lover of art. From that moment we have lived all kinds of adventures and anecdotes related to urban art. It’s a story of how a friendship becomes a professional relationship. ” The two now share different projects, from an exhibition in an Italian museum, scheduled for 2021, to the recent publication, this June, of the book The street is my museum (Dome Books). Aside from continuing to amaze with his interventions on the street. Also in Barcelona, ​​where in recent years he has painted one Gioconda with a mask and mobile phone in his hand -on the occasion of the suspension of the Mobile-, a love scene between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, and a pity of Oscar Camps raising a refugee in his arms.