This is, has been and seems to be one of the great scourges of WhatsApp, not having a multi-device system as they do. Telegram o Facebook Messenger, allowing you to enjoy the messaging service anywhere without having your phone enslaved. Now at last it seems that everything is going to change.

WhatsApp begins to roll out its multi-device service for users who will finally be able to use the messaging platform without having their phone connected. This is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated features by all users in general.

For now, it is only available to users of the WhatsApp beta, although it is expected to reach all users in stages in the coming days. In essence, the operation is identical to that of WhatsApp Web and the rest of the applications will run in the same way. This feature in beta phase is being received mainly by Android users, although we understand that it will be fully deployed to all Operating Systems without distinction when said launch becomes official.

However, the system has certain limitations such as that you will not be able to set chats on certain platforms, join groups or see the location in real time. For now, what it essentially does is replicate the messages. For now, only four devices can be connected at the same time and dependence on the mobile phone disappears completely.

If you have the WhatsApp Beta, go to the device linking section and a “Beta version for various devices” button will appear, in this case you can subscribe to the beta and the operation will be automatic in all sessions linked to your account, yes, you will have to re-scan the QR code in all of them. Meanwhile, in iPhone News we will keep trying to bring you tutorials about it, stay tuned.