The company of Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, continues to work hard on WhatsApp, implementing in the instant messaging service a series of functionalities that are already available in other of its applications, in this case it is something that already happens in the Instagram chat.

WhatsApp implements the ability to send photos and videos that can only be viewed once, thus improving its privacy features significantly. This is one of the most interesting steps of WhatsApp in recent months, just before launching a real multiplatform system comparable to that of Facebook Messenger or Telegram.

At the moment we cannot verify if this new system for sending photographs that can only be seen once is implemented naturally in all versions of WhatsApp, it is not known that they have deployed it in the versions for Android and in the case of iOS, the one that concerns us, for now we have only been able to observe it in the beta of WhatsApp that we are testing to be able to tell you all the news instantly. Nonetheless, the WhatsApp Web version has implemented it absolutely for all users, so you can take a look at it now.

When you add a photo, it will appear in the text box a small button that refers to “1” with a circle around it. This button will allow us to activate and deactivate the possibility of adjusting the photo or video sent so that it can only be viewed or reproduced on a single occasion, and thus the famous “self-destructing” messages will not be necessary. This new possibility of WhatsApp is very interesting although we are not clear if it will refer to the screenshots taken, as it does on Instagram, or if, on the contrary, there will be no limitation in this regard.