What this boy does in his border of 2nd baccalaureate is on his way to make history on Twitter



It is one of the tweets of the moment. A Twitter user has uploaded a video to his account taken from TikTok in which a wonderful story is told with a most wonderful ending.

This publication tells that, due to the coronavirus crisis, which has caused students to have to teach through applications, the classic end of cycle border has had to be digital.

In this type of border each student leaves a message or comment in which he defines how these years have been, how he sees his future and even how he feels at the end of 2nd Bachelor’s degree.

The author of the TikTok has shared several messages. “My computer screen shines brighter than my future,” he says.

Another partner chooses to be more correct and thanks for the years he has spent in the center. But the last one is the best. His “friend Jose”, guitar in hand, decides to express with a sound how his second year of high school was.

And the answer is a hellish scream that has unleashed the laughter on social networks in an almost unique way. A post that has in a few hours more than 11,700 retweets and more than 35,000 likes.