What legacy did Elizabeth II leave and what will the royal house look like?

At the end of the week, the world said goodbye to the Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, who was 96 years old when she died, and held office for 70 years. The volleys of honor, the mourning broadcasts and the ceremonies, which will continue in the coming days, are part of the “London Bridge” operation, which is designed to prepare Britain for the day after the Queen. “There is a very well-ordered protocol regarding everything related to the mourning ceremonies and the crowning of the Queen’s heir,” says Dr. Esther Loftin, an expert on Europe, Department of Foreign Languages, Tel Aviv University.

“Already in the 1960s, the ‘London Bridge’ operation was used. For example, the protocol stipulated how to inform the public of the Queen’s death, the duration of the mourning period, how the state funeral would be held, and how the church, the police forces and the army would be prepared for the funeral. The British prepared themselves ahead of time and They left nothing to chance. It was important to them to transfer power in an orderly manner from Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III.”

What legacy did the queen leave behind?
“There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth was a figure valued and admired by the British public. For years, she starred in polls as a well-liked and loved figure, and many Britons held her in high regard. She was followed in the polls by Kate Middleton and her grandson Prince William. Unlike the Queen, her son Charles, the new king, He was not popular with the public. The public does not see him as a role model or a figure that can be identified with. On the contrary, to a large extent, many Britons indirectly blamed him for Diana’s death and that he cheated on her for years and then married Camilla, the one who broke up his marriage. Queen Elizabeth will be missed For many British people who saw her as a role model. She was considered a moral, honest, decent and modest person. Heads of state knew how to tell that in meetings with them she was very informal. She was very generous, humane and warm. The thing that the British will remember her most of all is her high work ethic and dedication its for Britain”.

What was her agenda as queen?
“Her goal was to promote the British agenda and protect Britain’s economic and political interests. To this end, she traveled around the world and met with countless heads of state. For example, following Brexit, in 2019, she hosted former American President Trump, organized gave him a lavish banquet and gave him a huge honor to promote a free trade agreement that Britain wanted to sign with the United States. Trump came away fascinated by this meeting. There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth was an exemplary wife and mother. However, she always had Britain’s interests before her eyes. She worked A lot in order to help the British economy and promote Britain’s political relations with different countries in the world. The British really appreciated it.”

Queen Elizabeth on her coronation day in London (Photo: GettyImages)

Queen Elizabeth’s life was accompanied by difficult events. “The Queen went through complex challenges throughout her life, with the most difficult year for her probably being 1992,” Dr. Loftin describes.

“That same year her daughter, Princess Anne, divorced her husband; Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah separated; Diana published her famous autobiographical book that revealed her marital difficulties and the problems she had with Prince Charles. In addition to that, a fire broke out at Windsor Castle that year. About a decade later , in February 2002, her sister Margaret died at the age of 71, and her mother died a month later at the age of 101. Even in recent years, the Queen has known quite a few challenges: the tensions between her and Meghan Markle and Harry and the fact that her grandson and his wife decided to move their residence from England to Los Angeles. However, despite all The many challenges and crises she went through during her life, I tend to believe that what caused her heartbreak was the death of her husband, Prince Philip, in April 2021. Queen Elizabeth took the death of Prince Philip very hard. She loved him very much, his death broke her completely. She knew Him at the age of 13, she married at the age of 21 and was married to him for 73 years. I have no doubt that his death hastened her death to a great extent.”

Prince Philip and his wife Queen Elizabeth (Photo: Reuters)Prince Philip and his wife Queen Elizabeth (Photo: Reuters)

What will the royal house look like without her?
“Charles, the new king, was never considered popular with the British public, who, as mentioned, greatly admired Diana. The fact that he not only betrayed Diana, but married the person who destroyed his marriage – did not add to his popularity. In the polls, he receives 42%-52% Support. He lacks charisma, he does not have the grace and charm that the Queen had. However, the only thing that can be said to his credit is his mobilization for the issue of climate and environmental quality, something that maybe the younger generation can identify with. But he is still not considered a valued and liked figure among many Britons.”

Queen Elizabeth with Prince Charles (Photo: Reuters)Queen Elizabeth with Prince Charles (Photo: Reuters)

between the drops

Queen Elizabeth was born in London to the Duke and Duchess of York. Her father, Prince Albert, Duke of York (later King George VI), was the second son of King George V, and her mother was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (later Queen Elizabeth and later Queen Elizabeth, her daughter, the Queen Mother). At the beginning of 1936, her grandfather, George V, died. His uncle, the Prince of Wales, became King Edward VIII, but abdicated towards the end of the year, in view of his intention to marry his divorcee Wallis Simpson. Her father Albert, Duke of York, was crowned as King George VI and Elizabeth became the heir to the throne. Her official coronation ceremony was held in Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953.

“The queen survived 70 years in office, which means that few remember the world without her,” says Prof. Dror Verman, a historian of Britain from the Hebrew University and president of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College. “What people appreciate less about her heritage and take for granted is that in these 70 years the English royal house, the English crown, did not disappear. If you look at all the other European countries that had kings, for example Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands – these royal houses more or less They evaporated and remained as something that is a curiosity. That’s why the fact that in these 70 years the Queen managed to preserve the centrality of the royal institution and to claim it at the end of the process in such a strong position – that in my eyes is the real legacy.”

What was her secret?
“Everyone talks about how it was a combination of the willingness to completely erase herself while being completely committed to the job, together with a great diplomatic ability to walk through the cracks. I would add that the secret is also several centuries of British tradition. The British know how to appreciate unwritten traditions on the one hand , and on the other hand, there is also the ability of the royal house to be flexible, to give up power and become a symbol – a process that began as early as the 17th century. This is what made the British monarchy unique from the other monarchies in Europe, and the result is that this is the only monarchy we are talking about. Although the queen had no formal role , but she would sign laws. She could one day say: ‘I am not ready to sign this law.’ But that has never happened since the 19th century, and an interesting question is what the incoming King Charles will do with these things. The Queen was a figure who connected all parts of society and represented the United Kingdom within the Commonwealth of Nations as well. When she took office, the British Empire fell to pieces, and she managed to create the ‘British Commonwealth’. These are very great achievements.”

How hard will it be for British citizens to say goodbye to her?
“They don’t remember anything else. In that sense the grief is deep and real, not because the British were her friends, met her or cared about her as a person, but because she was part of their landscape and that of their parents. In that sense Britain will now be somewhere else. Part The most basic landscape disappears. Also, when a king dies, people mourn the kingship, not only the human being, because kingship is a concept that should be eternal, immortal. Therefore, the death of a queen or king is never easy. Most of them have no experience with mourning Such. People who have ever mourned the death of a king are 80 plus now.”

British citizens mourn the death of the Queen (Photo: Reuters)British citizens mourn the death of the Queen (Photo: Reuters)

What will happen now to the royal class?
“Everyone is now analyzing the issue of Charles’s popularity, everyone knows that he is less popular than her and his son, Prince William. I’m not sure it’s relevant. Now he’s king, he wasn’t king before. They didn’t do this test when he held the royal institution In his hands. And even if he is a little less popular, so what? Still 60% of the British are in favor of the institution of the monarchy, it’s not an institution that is losing its public grip. I don’t think these are the things that will bother him.”

He stepped into big shoes.
“First of all, Charles has to build his own legacy. It will be very difficult, both because the Queen was very dominant and because there is no one else to compare to him. No one remembers another example. Therefore, the whole trick is not to step into her shoes, but Ch Earls has to find his own shoe. It won’t be easy for him. There are also very big challenges facing the United Kingdom. The biggest challenge he will face will be if the Scots decide they would rather leave the United Kingdom and go back to Europe. It could take five or ten years, and I Not convinced that the crown can survive this.”
adapted themselves

“The queen worked until the end,” says Dr. Natan Aridan, a researcher at the Ben-Gurion Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism at Ben-Gurion University, who specializes, among other things, in politics in the British Kingdom. “On Monday, she received Liz Truss, the new prime minister. They saw that the queen was weak, but she worked until the end. She has been ‘retired’ for so many years, but for her it was to serve the people.”

The greatness of the British royal house was the fact that over the years it managed to adapt itself to the spirit of the times. “In 1969, they made a documentary about family life, even though it’s not acceptable,” he says. “Or for example recently, as part of the events in Great Britain to mark the 70 years of the Queen’s reign, a sketch of the Queen was shown together with Paddington the bear. The Queen was the symbol of the country. There were difficulties for the Royal House over the years, but they overcame them. During her time, people were able to identify with the Royal House as well Because the royal family had problems like ordinary people: children who got divorced, and more. When they held the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of her reign, I felt that they were kind of saying goodbye to her with respect.

Elizabeth in a family photo (Photo: Reuters)Elizabeth in a family photo (Photo: Reuters)

Does Charles have a chance to win such sympathy?
“He is 73 years old, many people criticize him for being disconnected from society, meddling in things that should not be interfered with such as architecture and ecology in England, for having a lot of criticism of people. What is certain is that because Charles will be inherited by his son and then his grandson, the British They won’t see another queen for a long time.”

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