What is the hearing that refuses to wear a mask?


Corona 19, which has neither a vaccine nor a complete treatment, is important to wear a mask as a quarantine. However, incidents of refusing to wear masks continue to occur. What is the mechanism of this rejection hearing?

You don’t have to wear a mask on a quiet street, but you should wear a mask when using public transportation. However, there are people who refuse to do this and are rioting. Most citizens, except for a handful, follow the mask wearing guidelines, but some foreigners ignore these rules as a group. Over the weekend, many foreigners gathered near the Haeundae Beach had fireworks display without wearing a mask, and even the police were dispatched.

This attitude is more explicit in American society. At a recent public hearing related to wearing a mask, angry citizens expressed their opposition to wearing the mask.

Anyone who agrees to wear the mask is in favor of wearing the mask because of the possibility of being a’potential corona19 asymptomatic person’ and the ability to protect itself from the droplets of the infected person.

So what is the position of those who oppose? They advocate’individual freedom’ and’the right not to wear a mask’. In a situation where public health is threatened, it is very strange and difficult to understand for Koreans who put community interests above individual freedom.

Professor Joseph J. Trunzo of the Department of Psychology at Bryant University in the United States said in an interview with the American media, “People are influenced by political beliefs, ideology, social factors, education level, etc. even in simple actions like whether or not to wear a mask.”

In the context of the emergence and pandemic of the Corona19 virus, a number of complex factors are combined to make the choice of refusing to wear a mask. Many people make the following claims.

◆ Distrust of inconsistent guidelines= By the time Corona 19 began to spread, the opinion was that health masks were effective, but dental masks were not. As the demand for thin masks has increased as the days get hot, it is now recommended to wear dental masks or splash masks. This made people feel somewhat confused, but most people are wearing flexible masks from dental masks to dental or splash masks.

On the other hand, in the United States, the government has given the position that wearing healthy masks can be rather dangerous, and now it is encouraging more to wear masks. Many people distrust the government’s recommendation for wearing a mask, as information is confusing and confusing.

◆ Claim based on the results of cost-benefit analysis = Considering the cost of buying a mask and the benefits gained from it, there are those who question whether this pandemic has enough ground to make it mandatory. According to Professor J. Fitzsimmons of the Department of Marketing Psychology at Duke University, people who refuse to wear masks have never seen a definitive person around them, and it is determined that there is no evidence that the virus’s influence is stronger than the existing cold or flu. As a basis, they tend not to feel that wearing a mask is unusual or urgent enough to be worn.

◆ Claim to infringe on the right to freedom= It’s an expression of resistance, saying, “You can’t force me to do or don’t do anything to me.” The government, of course, does not believe the opinions of health experts such as doctors, and it is a position that prioritizes individual freedom based on the belief that the corona virus is not a serious virus. In many American societies where the priority is not to violate individual liberties, those who show a psychological disability to compel the use of masks without customary procedures such as debate, debate, proposal, voting, approval, and law enforcement There are many.

◆ Concerns about being vulnerable = American society is a country that values’male’. President Donald Trump can now be considered synonymous. It tends to think of stubborn and compulsive stubborn attitude as toughness rather than soft and flexible charisma, which is not unique to Trump. According to a joint study between Corona 19 and the Berkeley Institute of Mathematical Sciences in the United States and Middlesex University in the UK, people with these accidents tend to refuse to wear the mask because they think it is a’shameful thing’ or a’symbol of weakness’ Is showing.

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