What do seaweed, wool and flax have in common? – LUXURYMAG

The colder period not only brings us back to nature with its colors. We see it not only in decorations, which suddenly acquire a slightly more naturalistic character, but it is also reflected in clothing or cosmetics. The proof can be the offer of the e-shop
Nila.cz, where wool, flax or seaweed have been included among the favorite materials of recent weeks! What can be created from these materials?

Natural fashion Nygårdsanna

Swedish brand Nygårdsanna
sticks to the typical Nordic style. Its models are accompanied by simplicity, which is by no means boring. It is spiced with elements of folklore. Together with natural colors, textures and overall tuning, the result is very authentic pieces. They are made of only the highest quality materials, such as linen, organic cotton or wool, and their sustainability and transparent origin are also guaranteed. Sweaters and sweater dresses of the Nygårdsanna brand have become a hit of the present period. The sweaters are made of tweed yarn and you can survive the winter in them like in cotton. They will warm up, dazzle with their neutral tones and at the same time will be comfortable to wear thanks to the bulkier cut and long sleeves. The knee-length dress is then made of wool Shetland sheep, and if it reminds you of djellabu, a traditional Moroccan garment, you are at the right place. The hood and pockets are an interesting element and their cut allows for an interesting play with layering.

Seaweed for beauty

Today, cosmetics are made from ice cream and no one is surprised by products with snake venom or snail slime. Among the less common ingredients, seaweed, which the brand uses to make cosmetics, can certainly be included Haeckels. Their balms, creams, serums and masks have moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, but also an interesting overlap. The brand seeks to spread awareness of the value of the oceans for our life on earth and also has an incentive program to collect beach waste. In addition to cosmetic products, you can also buy candles or scented needles from nila.cz on this brand.

Photo: nila.cz