“What did the PNL do? It destroyed everything “

Romania has been included by the World Bank among high-income countries due to social democratic governments, said Marcel Ciolacu. “It’s like crickets and ants: there are some who work all the time, while others play guitar all summer,” he says.

“The PNL government only knows how to steal and scatter. History repeats itself with Iohannis instead of Băsescu! The difference between PSD’s policies and PNL’s electoral donuts is revealed today by the World Bank “, Marcel Ciolacu wrote on Facebook.

He states that in the period 2017-2019, the average income per capita increased from 9,650 to 12,630 dollars, which made Romania one of the countries with high incomes.

“What did the PNL do? It destroyed everything. It collapsed the economy, income and living standards of the people. Deficits have skyrocketed. He borrowed at a dizzying pace. 86 million euros a day that did not reach the economy or the people. Only in the pockets of the liberal clientele. During this time, from month to month we have tens of thousands of Romanians who thicken the ranks of the unemployed and thousands of companies that have already pulled their shutters. No concrete support from the Government, only promises that it will be good in 10 years! Now do you understand why I said that PNL copied badly from PSD ?! History is a testimony: the PSD has always built prosperity in government, while the right has dissipated, generating austerity, poverty and unemployment. It’s like crickets and ants: there are some who work all the time, while others who play the guitar all summer, have fun at government fairs and pull mugs on the terraces with friends and waste everything, ”Ciolacu writes.

He also posts a chart with Romania’s economic growth rate in the post-December period in which economic growth occurs during the government of Tariceanu, PNL leader at that time, while in 2009 the PNL government is passed, although for nine months it was one PDL-PSD, led by Emil Boc.

The World Bank promoted Romania in the category of high-income countries, after incorporating the developments in 2019 (per capita income of $ 12,630), an important aspect for investment rating decisions and for OECD accession negotiations.

Per capita income increased in Romania from $ 11,290 in 2018