Wesley Sneijder found support from André Hazes and vice versa

In front of the newspaper, Wesley opens a book about the mischief he used to do when he was a kid, but he also talks candidly about the people who are dear to him. When the conversation comes to André Hazes, Wesley says that the singer is very high. “Dreetje is a friend,” he explains. “What he has achieved is fantastic. Always in the shadow of his father, who as a folk singer can never be surpassed. And then come to such a level, even with his own songs. Hats off.”

According to the sportsman, it makes sense that André, especially considering his age, wanted to ‘discover’ everything and ‘wanted to eat everything’. Only, according to Wesley, after a while the realization must come to mind if you want to achieve something in life. That came to him during the preparation for the third season at football club Real Madrid. Wesley: “I got into a relationship with Yolanthe and thought,” So far and no further with decay. “

Wesley is well aware that he has not always been perfect in life, but sees that his good friend has slowly returned to focus. “I talked to him a lot about everything. And he listens. That’s nice about Dreetje. He is not arrogant,” said the former footballer.

Wesley also indicates that he is sometimes annoyed with his fame, he no longer knows anonymity. “I wanted to be the best. But that is coupled with fame, worldwide. You don’t ask for that. Sometimes you get into situations where you think: I would have liked to be anonymous now,” said the star player.

In Wesley’s biography, he not only reveals about his football career, but also about his love life. What ex Yolanthe thinks about it, can see it in the video below.