Webinar New design and comfort with ESI Interior Solution

Monday, 29 June 2020 15:47

ESI Group is organizing a webinar on Interior Solution 2020 at 30.00 on June 30. ESI Interior Solution is a new solution dedicated to virtual prototyping of seats and interiors. Includes all features from Virtual Seat Solution 2019.5. ESI Interior Solution is dedicated to creating virtual prototypes of seats with the extension of new functions for virtual prototyping of interiors and cabins. In a flexible and sometimes revolutionary interior layout, comfort functions such as climate systems or new seat inclinations must be reviewed to comply with new cab configurations, market expectations and regulations.

For traditional trial and error procedures based on physical prototypes, if the problem is identified at the final stage of the development cycle, it will be too late or too costly to make adjustments.
Sign up for the one-hour webinar and discover ESI Interior Solution 2020, a new solution dedicated to virtual prototyping of seats and interiors, including all the features of Virtual Seat Solution 2019.5.
You will understand how a new design and high cab comfort can be virtually achieved and an optimized balance between passenger comfort and thermal energy consumption can be determined.

Klí­čo­vá té­ma­ta:

  • Ensuring the correct posture of the passenger by virtual H-Point prediction and including headrest simulation and comfort
  • Evaluation of seat design and comfort in the initial design phase using a library of human models
  • Optimizing as much as comfort, so would the energies of the systému řízení teploty včetně vytápění, climatization and vyhřívacích podušek