We vacuum small rooms comfortably. Eufy HomeVac S11 Reach review

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Technical specifications

  • Power: 120/33/17W
  • Container: 0.65 l
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Height: 110 cm
  • battery: 63 Wh
  • Filter type: HEPA
  • Dust collector type: cyclonic
  • Management: mechanical


A little over ten years ago, when I first got a job at Mobile-Review, I bought a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner for the family with the first patch. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the model anymore, I know that it was a hand-held gadget, quite light and easy to use. The cleaning room was small, in fact, so the choice fell on this type of vacuum cleaner.

Why Dyson? At the time of the acquisition, there was a huge gap in the market for cordless vacuum cleaners. There is almost no choice: either a Chinese non-name for a lot of money, or Dyson for the entire salary.

Today the situation has changed dramatically. A quality cordless vacuum cleaner can be obtained for relatively little money. For example, Anker has a special area of ​​Eufy, which focuses on the development and production of devices for a comfortable life in the home: lights, network devices, speakers and vacuum cleaners.

I have already played enough with robot vacuum cleaners and came to the following conclusion.

  1. We can say that pampering.
  2. Before releasing the robot, you must remove the wires, things, toys, and so on.
  3. It is desirable to have ideal flooring conditions: tiles, parquet, laminate.
  4. Interior thresholds are evil.
  5. Vacuum cleaners without lidar are a waste of money.

In fact, robotic vacuum cleaners are needed to keep the house clean, but not for cleaning.

Classic vacuum cleaners are boring, big and noisy devices, their place is slowly beginning to be taken by quiet, compact and wireless ones.

Anker just has one – HomeVac S11 Reach. He offers:

  1. Power up to 120 W;
  2. Double cyclone technology;
  3. LED light on motorized brush;
  4. Five levels of filtration system;
  5. Up to 40 minutes of device operation.

HomeVac S11 Reach costs about 15,000 rubles.


I don’t know why, but many buyers bother with vacuum cleaners. For example, I bought a washing vacuum cleaner with 10 different nozzles a year ago. For the entire period of operation, only one standard nozzle was used. Okay, sometimes I installed a crevice nozzle to clean hard-to-reach places in the apartment.

Anker comes with the following nozzles and brushes:

  1. Motorized brush with light dust;
  2. Combined compact nozzle: with and without pile;
  3. slotted.

In addition, the kit includes a tube in order to extend the brush, a battery (it is replaceable), a mains adapter, a special wall holder for a vacuum cleaner and accessories.

The instructions say that there is also a crevice nozzle, an extension tube and a soft brush roller. Most likely, this is some kind of extended equipment.

Of course, instructions and warranty card.

Separately, it is worth noting the high quality of accessories. For example, nozzles made of cheap plastic are attached to my washing expensive Bosh, it’s even somehow ashamed to get them.


She is the simplest. You just need to attach the tube and install the necessary nozzle on it. Fasteners are latches that securely fix the elements to each other.

In order to remove one or another nozzle, you need to press the latch and pull out the element.


Here is a classic hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner: the upper part is a motor, a dust collector and a battery, the lower part is a tube with a brush.

Basically everything is made of white plastic. But the tube is metallic blue. The same color plastic inside the cyclonic system.

The container for collecting garbage is plastic, transparent. To take it off or put it on, just press the lock button at the bottom of the main unit.

The weight of the vacuum cleaner with motorized brush is 2.7 kg. Compared to 8 kg of my Anker washing vacuum cleaner, it seems light. It is clear that you do not carry a regular vacuum cleaner on your hands, but still.

The tube connecting the vacuum cleaner and the brush is made, as I said, of metal. Durable, lightweight. A separate channel is the power supply for the brush.

Motorized brush. The block with the roller is transparent, that is, you can immediately see how dirty it is. Yes, hair, carpet threads, and so on are decently wound around it.

The rest is again white plastic.

From original solutions:

  1. There are small wheels so that the brush moves smoothly, does not linger on various surfaces;
  2. The brush is equipped with a swivel mechanism. You can rotate the brush 180 degrees. As it turned out – a very convenient thing;
  3. There is LED lighting. It is needed to illuminate the dust. Noticeable only on a flat, not fleecy surface.

This model has a removable battery. And this means that you can buy an additional battery. In addition, it is charged separately, that is, it is not necessary to pull out the vacuum cleaner to charge the battery.

It fastens rigidly, does not play. To remove, press the two buttons on the sides and pull out.

What are the advantages I see in the design of HomeVac S11 Reach:

  1. Relatively lightweight;
  2. Strongly assembled;
  3. Quality materials;
  4. Illuminated brush;
  5. The brush can rotate 180 degrees;
  6. Removable battery.

The convenience of use

Of course, the easiest way is to use a robot vacuum cleaner: you go about your business while the gadget drives around the apartment. However, the accumulated debris still needs to be removed and thrown away manually.

Conventional classic and cordless vacuum cleaners are approximately equivalent in terms of convenience. The first minus is the constant pulling up of the main block, and the second one will always have to hold the main block in one hand, but it is lighter.

I must say right away that the first time the hand will get tired. It is necessary to develop cleaning tactics in such a way as to minimize the lifting of the vacuum cleaner.

The grip of the handle is as comfortable as possible, pressing the “trigger” button is soft, the stroke is average. Since the power is adjusted using a special button on the body of the vacuum cleaner, the “trigger” does not need to be clamped to “accelerate”: press it lightly and the device starts working.

Personally, I had no problems cleaning the apartment with a cordless vacuum cleaner. Moreover, even my five-year-old daughter was able to control the S11 Reach: she simply holds the vacuum cleaner, which pulls down under its own weight, and the wheels on the brush help when moving. That is, the load is no more than if the child was carrying a pram with a doll in front of him.

With a large classic vacuum cleaner, it’s more difficult for a child: you have to hold the hose, constantly pull up the heavy main unit with the vacuum cleaner, watch the power cable so that it doesn’t get tangled, and so on.


The device supports three power levels. By default, medium speed is enabled (33 W, 12 kPa). To increase the power, you need to press a special button on the top of the main unit (120 W, 20 kPa). I probably would have moved it closer to the “trigger”, because otherwise you have to use the second hand.

Pressing the button again starts the reduced power mode (15 W, 7 kPa). The next press turns the medium speed back on.

The volume level of the Anker cordless vacuum cleaner is three times less than the noise from a conventional vacuum cleaner. This is also a plus: for example, according to the law, from 13:00 to 15:00 it is impossible to make noise in a residential area. And with the S11 Reach, you can vacuum even at full power even after 12 midnight, what can we say about daily cleaning.

At low speeds, the sound resembles the operation of the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner mini portable wireless vacuum cleaner.

The maximum power of the S11 Reach is 120W. It’s very cool for this kind of device. However, the operating time is reduced by almost 5 times compared to the average power.

By the way, I remembered that Dyson, which I bought 10 years ago, for some reason constantly hit with a static charge. I had to vacuum with rubber gloves. There are no such problems with Anker!

The main positive moment when cleaning is a rotary brush. It can be rotated as much as 180 degrees to the right or left. To do this, you just need to slightly rotate the main unit counterclockwise or clockwise.

In addition, you can tilt the vacuum cleaner by almost 90 degrees so that the brush drives into hard-to-reach places under cabinets or cabinets.

Cordless upright vacuum cleaners are good for small spaces – up to 20-30 m2 of real usable area. For those who do not have space to place a large corded vacuum cleaner. For example, I kept the Eufy HomeVac S11 Reach between the wall and the cabinet, which is 10.5 cm of space in width. Meanwhile, the Bosch washer takes up half the bottom of my closet.

And also a cordless vacuum cleaner is the most mobile thing, the “sweep” of which takes a minimum of time. Less than even running a robot vacuum cleaner. But he still has to get to the “crime scene”.

I don’t know about you, but my desire to clean the apartment disappears only at the thought that now I need to get a wired vacuum cleaner, connect a hose, tube, brush to it, plug it into an outlet. Another thing is wireless: it hangs on the wall, removed it – and everything is ready to go.

If we describe the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner, then something like this: a little worse than the usual classic (this is expressed in the volume of the trash container, in suction power), but much better than a robot vacuum cleaner.

Anker sucks up micro-dust particles well, hair and threads are either wound on a brush or fall into a container. Large particles of dust and dirt are also no problem: elements up to 10 mm in diameter are easily sucked up.

Of the interesting features: power cables and “laces” for charging phones are not wound on a brush. In this regard, robotic vacuum cleaners are more insidious.

From experience, I can say that the size of the container is equally enough for a large classic vacuum cleaner and a small cordless one (0.65 l). Again, it all depends on the level of pollution and the area being cleaned.

After cleaning is complete, remove the container and throw away the trash. Everything is as simple as possible: the lid opens – and the dust flies out under its own weight. If desired, the container can be gently washed, including the filter between the container and the engine.

For example, in a washing vacuum cleaner, even if you do not use the washing function, the container still needs to be filled with water. And after cleaning, it will need to be drained, rinsed with a special filter partition, then rinsed again and left to dry. And I am already silent about the fact that it is desirable to add an expensive defoamer to the water.

Working hours

A very important parameter in a cordless vacuum cleaner. For example, robotic vacuum cleaners are able to “ride” 15 – 40 minutes, depending on the engine power and battery capacity.

The Eufy HomeVac S11 Reach upright vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 63 Wh battery. Inside it is assembled from several batteries.

Modes, power, operating time:

  1. Maximum, 120 W, 7-8 minutes;
  2. Medium, 33 W, 32-35 minutes;
  3. Minimum, 15 W, 40-43 minutes.

The battery takes exactly 2 hours to charge. I would advise buying an extra battery. Firstly, there is a quick replacement, and secondly, over time, the battery capacity will drop, and you will get not 30 minutes at medium power, but 20-25. However, 20 minutes is enough to thoroughly vacuum two rooms.


I liked the Eufy HomeVac S11 Reach cordless upright vacuum cleaner. It looks great in white, is well-assembled, and it’s not a shame for accessories – they definitely won’t fail for many years.

The suction power is enough for cleaning small rooms, the operating time is not bad: it is enough for me to thoroughly clean the entire apartment once.

Loved the motorized brush. It works better than in my washing vacuum cleaner (there it scatters debris). In addition, the brush has a swivel mechanism and lighting: dust is clearly visible somewhere under the cabinets.

As such, there are no cons, but you need to get used to the device: one way or another, the hand will get tired from often carrying the gadget. If you have seamless transitions between rooms in your house, then there is no problem. I was a little surprised by the operating time at maximum power, 7-8 minutes is nothing at all.

In general, a cool and convenient vacuum cleaner for those who care about saving usable space in the apartment.

Today, the S11 Reach model costs about 15,000 rubles. Of course, there are much cheaper ones, but this is Anker, and not a little-known brand.

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