We return to times of the first memorandum

“What we are going through is a difficult, tragic situation. “Anyone who makes a” soulato “in the market and in the workplace will find that we are returning to the times of the first memorandum”, said the secretary of the SYRIZA Central Committee, Panos Skourletis, speaking to MEGA.

He expressed a sharp disagreement with the government’s “choice of market self-regulation”, as he put it, “which has a very high social and economic cost”. He said the existing banking system should also have a strong public pillar, a state-owned bank that could shape the “tempo” in the market. He stressed that water and energy networks should not be privatized and accused the government of doing just that. In relation to “Philodimos”, he accused the Minister of Interior, Takis Theodorikakos, of “lies” and logic of “Mavrogialourou”. He said he had abolished the evaluation committee and that by taking a piece of power from the public services, he was setting up private evaluators and building a new service under the minister. “It’s a mechanism for manipulating mayors and local communities. And the biggest lie he told was that there was no funding, “he said.

He stressed that the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance is a party of the modern Left that has in fact emerged as the heart, the main body, of the wider progressive space. “Nikos Pappas, completely clearly, made a statement where he spoke about mistakes in style and substance errors. […] “Never before have we had a collective, self-critical assessment of the government work of a party that has lost the election,” he said. He stressed that “politics, in order to win the world back, to inspire young people, to involve citizens in a participatory way, must have the ability to collectively talk about its mistakes, to talk about its profits, its successes. ».

Mr Skourletis said there were preconditions for a search for an alliance and that the Movement for Change needed to decide what its strategic position would be if they entered into an alliance logic “with distinct roles, with respect for each other”. of its autonomy “. “It simply came to our notice then. Will it definitely be ND’s satellite? Or will the thread of the concerns of the progressive space and the left social democracy catch on again?