We received the surprising answer as to why MKB Bank breaks up with CIG Pannonia

According to CIG Pannónia, the bank terminated its cooperation agreement with the company with a 6-month notice period. What is the reason for termination of cooperation? – we asked MKB the question. According to their response, the bank “is constantly exploring opportunities to increase customer service and customer experience that will help improve services, covering a range of products that best meet today’s customer needs. Based on the results of these analyzes, a decision was made to terminate the cooperation. Until the end of the notice period, CIG Pannonia’s insurance products will continue to be available in MKB Bank’s branch network. ”

We also asked whether the bank plans to make or propose changes to its shareholding in MKB-Pannónia Fund Management, given that MKB Bank has a 49% stake and CIG Pannónia Life Insurance has a 16% stake. in the fund manager. According to the bank’s reply, if there is any change in this area, MKB Bank will inform the public about it in accordance with the rules of stock exchange disclosure. So they did not reveal anything concrete.

The question rightly arises after the above whether the bank plans to enter into cooperation with another insurer (similar to the one with CIG Pannonia until the end of this year). We also received a more general response to this: “Our goal remains to sell life insurance products that meet the needs of our customers, both for regular and single premium insurance. The Bank intends to continue to serve its customers with a renewed, wide range of insurance. ”

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