We need Hungarian children, not migrants, but the opposition is just stealing arches

According to the prime minister, he leads an ideology-free national government called right-wing, but also representing left-wing values.

We have overcome the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic, and if healthcare does its job well, there will be no second wave, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in his usual Friday morning interview on Kossuth Radio. At the same time, he reminded us that since there is no vaccine and we are affected by the world around us, we have to make a good decision about where Hungarians go on holiday. According to the prime minister, as the epidemic subsides, migration is again the main source of danger, the activity of human smugglers has increased, as has the number of illegal border crossings, which is 40 percent more than in recent months. Viktor Orbán thus clearly indicated that he was once again focusing on anti-immigration measures. “We cannot allow what we see in America for society to attack its own police officers, nor for what we see in Germany for migrant gangs to march through the country,” Viktor Orbán said. He emphasized that our transit zones had been called detention by bureaucrats in Brussels, so although they were open to Serbia, we had closed them.

“We have responded to Brussels by making border controls even stricter, we are tackling the migrant situation even tougher.”

Said the prime minister.

Once again, he outlined his vision that Europe is no longer led by Germany but by Central European countries along with Germany. – We do not agree with them on one issue, migration, because the Germans want to solve the population and labor shortage with immigrants, we do not, we are thinking of a Christian solution.

“We need Hungarian children, not migrant children, we do not believe in the peaceful coexistence of ethnic groups, Hungary belongs to Hungarians”

– said Viktor Orbán

He argued that where there are migrants today, those countries were all colonialists. The changes in Europe, according to the prime minister, are well illustrated by the fact that he thinks they really want to finance the southern states with the Central European countries. Here he listed how much he thought the public debt had run out in Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, Spain. According to him, in Hungary it cannot go, only “in the time of left-wing governments”. He added, “we can only spend as much money as we have” and even Hungarians can be the winners of the whole crisis if the bureaucrats in Brussels understand this. He believed that finances in Central Europe were much more orderly, and “we are on the rise against Western Europe, despite the fact that this region is poorer because of 40 years of communism”. “We need a unity, a unity of nation-states, but let us live in Brussels,” Viktor Orbán said. Speaking about Hungarian domestic politics, the Prime Minister also voiced another vision, according to which the Fidesz government is in fact:

“A national government without ideology. We call ourselves right-wing, yet we have a large, broad, strong national government, and we also represent left-wing programs and elements. ”

In practice, he said, with the adoption of the 2021 budget on Friday, there will be investments of hundreds of billions in half a year and we will be able to create as many jobs as the virus has destroyed. Among the “left-wing values” he mentioned, among other things, the thirteenth monthly pension and support for “women”, a significant increase in the childcare fee (csed). Viktor Orbán once again “distributed” the opposition in connection with the so-called national consultation, because he said the arches were “stolen from mailboxes”. He believed the opposition was “in a chasm”. “They didn’t stand in the country’s trouble, they just said gender, they came with camouflage videos, which I consider to be the lowest point in the last 30 years,” the prime minister said, continuing: most successfully defending country ’.