We gave value where they did not know how to appreciate – different

And that moment comes when you realize what you gave, what you said, what you felt about the wrong people who you thought you deserved and that is the best thing that has happened to you and you opened up, shared, bonded and yet you see how wrong you were, how naive you were the one who believed in them and even more so in you.

To you who fought so hard to keep what you had. You showed patience and perseverance because they taught you that this is how relationships are. They want their time and passion to endure. So you sacrificed time, emotion, endurance on the altar of the epic and you did it with such enthusiasm.

You made stupid compromises, useless concessions, you let them trample on you because you believed in yourself that it would succeed, in fact, you wanted so much to succeed. He just wants a little push, you say.

But “us” and “together” are difficult. It does not require effort from just one. This game is a team game, if one folds you both lose. If one plays for his party, sooner or later again you will not succeed.

Clearly, one of them will always feel more, will give more, will be ready to sacrifice and be sacrificed, but that does not mean that the other will remain inactive. Relationships are selfless, you see, but selfless is the person who gives without interest and personal benefit, not the one who expects nothing because the other does not count on him.

We often confuse the real epos with some cheap imitations that have no reason to exist. Maybe it is our fault that we let them command our hearts, maybe it is also the fault of those who could not appreciate the slightest thing.

And that damn time arrives when you realize the amounts you gave, the amounts you kept for yourself and what the other of them valued. And then you get frustrated, you feel empty and what did you achieve? Now what you did and said seems so pointless, so pointless since the other did nothing to add value.

You think again how it is possible that he did not see any of this, that he did not react to something, bro. But why do it anyway? You do not owe anyone and you do not force anyone to do something they do not want, you took the risk alone and the consequences are yours.

And then, tell me, how does it seem to you that what you did with effort and stubbornness, the other person breaks it down just with just one look, one word, one move? And there you insist on rebuilding everything from the beginning and this time, of course, to his measures exactly as he likes. And all this why?

Just because you are afraid to admit to yourself how much you did wrong once again, that you gave to the wrong people. Because you believed that he is the right person, that he deserves you, that he is your other half. At some point this fairy tale ends, he leaves and you wake up and see that everything was lost, you get angry with yourself who believed again wrong.

But when the time comes for the right person to enter your life, you complete because for a long time now you have stopped believing in them. Then you realize really how many wrong things you invested in so many wrong people.

You stupidly believed that it was the best thing that has happened to you, and that people who deserve so much and so much come, but you gave it from here and there, to people unable to appreciate, to fight for the one who had them next to them.

Cowardly people who all they knew to do was pick up and leave. Because what else to give, my eyes, and who guarantees you that you will not be hurt again, that they will not fly as easily as so many did.

And the question is: in the account you make, who stays after all?

Text Editing by Anna Tzavidi: Polina Paneri

Source: pillowfights.gr