We Build Master’s Elite Army

Suara.com – The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendibud) launched the Mobilization of Teacher Education Program (PGP) in its ‘Free Learning’ policy. Later, the program is intended for leadership for teachers to become learning leaders.

Implementation of the Movers Teacher Program will last for 9 months with a 306-hour pattern of lessons learned using online and workplace learning (on the job training at the Mover Teacher school).

Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim likens this mobilization teacher as a special unit that will provide innovation more broadly not only in the classroom. But rather, broad education.

“We are building elite force, you could say our teachers all over Indonesia, this is not an easy thing, must be mentally strong, must have the courage to make changes and must be prepared through a very intensive learning process and also not easy to pass, not easy to be selected is not easy graduated, “said Nadiem in the launch of Mover Teachers, Friday (3/7/2020).

Nadiem explained, the Teacher Activist Program aims to mobilize the learning community for fellow teachers in schools and in their areas to be a companion for other teaching colleagues related to the development of learning in schools.

Then encourage the improvement of student leadership in schools, open space for positive discussion and space for collaboration between teachers and stakeholders inside and outside the school to improve the quality of learning, and become a learning leader that encourages a good educational ecosystem in schools.

“Acting teachers are actually a training program for identification and training and nursery candidates for future educational leaders, movers are agents of change who in the future will become candidates for school principals, prospective school supervisors, and prospective trainers for training programs. teacher, “he explained.

The Mover Teacher Program is open to both PNS and non PNS teachers from both public and private schools, but in the first batch, the selection of teacher training programs is opened for kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school teachers.

While for SLB, the teacher training program will be opened in the next batch, while for the Teacher Training program for vocational schools will later be in the Directorate General of Vocations.

In the first batch, the quota of movers teacher program participants was 2,800, but Minister Nadiem targeted that by 2024 there would be a total of 405,900 movers ready to be distributed throughout Indonesia.

The process for registering the Teacher Movers program will start from July 13 to September 15, 2021, enrollment of the Movers Teacher participants can be found on the school.home.kemdikbud.go.