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When choosing a refrigerator, design, functionality, energy efficiency and the quietest possible operation are important. The refrigerator, whether alone or in combination with a freezer, is the largest appliance in your home.

Therefore, it is important that the design matches the style of the room in which it is located. Most often it will be a kitchen, although in terms of energy savings it would be optimal to place the refrigerator in the coldest room in the apartment. The energy consumption depends mainly on the temperature difference between the interior of the refrigerator and the space in which it is located. The higher the temperature difference, the higher the energy consumption. Modern refrigerators are economical, quiet and are equipped with an air circulation system that prevents icing, or even an air ionization system that destroys bacteria, thus extending the storage time of food.

The refrigerator can be placed separately or it can be built-in. Then it forms a design-integral whole with the kitchen unit. When installing built-in refrigerators, there must be enough space in the rear for airflow. Otherwise, the device will have high consumption.

Not only in the cottage, but also as a stylish addition to a modern kitchen, a refrigerator with a retro design is also suitable. From the point of view of location, it is also important whether the door hinge is on the right or left side, in other words, there must be enough space in front of the refrigerator to open the door and convenient access. Most refrigerators are designed so that the hinges can be flipped to the other side. Every at least a little clever house master can do it. You will also appreciate the possibility of changing the method of opening from left to right, and vice versa, in the event of a reconstruction of the kitchen or other space in which the refrigerator is located.

The so-called American refrigerators are becoming more and more popular, as they provide sufficient volume in the space of the refrigerator and freezer, and in addition they are usually also equipped with an ice maker and a chilled water dispenser. In addition to universal refrigerators, there are also wine refrigerators, also called home wine shops, with shelves arranged for storing bottles, or handy minibars. Wine coolers are either single-zone or dual-zone, which have two cooling zones, so you can set temperatures suitable for white and red wine. While conventional refrigerators indicate the volume of the interior space, wine coolers indicate the number of bottles that can be stored in them. The car refrigerator will provide you with invaluable services for trips, but also for larger grocery purchases.


Very important criteria are the useful volume and arrangement of the interior of the refrigerator, in the case of very popular and practical refrigerators combined with freezers also the arrangement of the freezer compartment. Even many refrigerators without a freezer have an evaporator in the upper part designed as a closable box, which allows short-term storage of frozen food at a temperature of – 6 ° C. The volume of this space is about 15 liters. Experience shows that in a normal household it is necessary to count on a volume of 60 – 80 liters of volume in a refrigerator. In addition to the volume, the layout of the interior space, including the inside of the door, as well as the variability of the arrangement of the shelves and other storage elements must be taken into account.

Due to practically continuous operation, noise and consumption are also important parameters. Modern refrigerators produce noise with an intensity of 35 to 46 dB. The consumption of the refrigerator is characterized by the energy class. This depends on the insulation of the interior and the efficiency of the cooling system. The difference in operating costs between refrigerators in the higher and lower energy class per year can be as much as 50 or more euros, so with an expected service life of 10 years, you can easily calculate the difference. Buying a cheaper refrigerator with a lower energy class can therefore be significantly more expensive for your operating costs.

Fridge with freezer

Very popular are combined refrigerators, which have a separate space, including doors for refrigerator and freezer. Combined refrigerators can be arranged differently so that they have a freezer above or below the refrigerator and have different ratios of the volume of the refrigerator and freezer compartments. If the freezer is on top, it has a smaller volume, usually 60 – 80 liters. The freezer at the bottom has a larger volume, usually 90 – 150 liters.

Most combined refrigerators are manufactured with one compressor and either a common refrigeration circuit for the refrigerator and freezer, or two refrigeration systems. Combined refrigerators with a common circuit have a common thermostat control inside the refrigerator. The freezer maintains a constant temperature according to the freezing class. For “three-star” freezers, it is -18 ° C.

More expensive combined refrigerators have a separate cooling system for the refrigerator and freezer cabinet, or even two separate compressors. Such a system, also called Twin cooling, is on the one hand more energy-efficient, because the cooling systems can be regulated more optimally, and also in the event of a failure of one of the compressors or cooling systems, you can transfer food to a working part.

In the parameters of the freezer, the number of stars is important, which indicates the minimum temperature that the freezer can maintain, as well as the freezing capacity, indicating the weight of food that the freezer is able to freeze in 24 hours. Modern freezers allow you to turn on the Power Frost mode. If you add more food to the freezer compartment, they will freeze faster in this mode. The efficiency of the insulation indirectly expresses the so-called accumulation time. This parameter indicates how long the food will last frozen after a power failure or cooling system failure.


When shopping, you will choose between a counter and a drawer freezer. Both design formats have their advantages and disadvantages. The counter freezer allows you to make full use of the entire internal volume, which is its biggest advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Food should be stored carefully in such a freezer, as access to it at the bottom is quite problematic. As the cold air has a higher density, it drops down and stays inside when the lid of the counter freezer is opened. Therefore, counter freezers are more economical. You must also make sure that the individual pieces of food in the microtene bags do not freeze each other. Counter freezer is a good solution for family houses, large households and also for gardeners or breeders.

The drawer freezer allows for easier storage of food, so it is easier to get to it. The drawers have space on the fronts for labels indicating what is currently in them. When the vertically placed door of the drawer freezer is opened, the cold air is exchanged for the heated air in the room, therefore the freezer door should only be opened for the necessary time. Modern freezers will alert you if the door is open for a long time. Disposable storage of larger pieces of food can be disadvantageous. The drawer freezer can be freestanding or structurally designed for installation in a kitchen unit.

The criterion for the volume of the freezer is the number of people in the household. There is a volume of 45 liters per person in a normal household. Of course, if you get used to making larger stocks, or you are a gardener and you freeze a lot of vegetables, you will buy a reasonably larger freezer.

The freezer, like the refrigerator, will run continuously, so you should choose a model with the highest possible energy class and the quietest possible operation. Energy-saving freezers are more expensive, but the higher price will pay you back on your electricity costs. The noise of the freezer located in the living space should not exceed 45 dB. Top freezers produce noise even below 35 dB. An important parameter is not only the volume but also the freezing capacity. Indicates how much food the freezer can freeze at -18 ° C in 24 hours. Conventional freezers for domestic use have a freezing capacity of 6 – 10 kg / 24 h. The accumulation time parameter indicates how long the freezer can keep food frozen in the event of a power failure or malfunction. The longer the storage time, the better the thermal insulation of the freezer. Good freezers have an accumulation time of 16 hours or more. Some manufacturers express the lowest achievable temperature by the number of asterisks indicating the freezing class. Each star represents a temperature drop of 6 ° C. One asterisk indicates a temperature of -6 ° C, two -12 ° C and three -18 ° C. There are also refrigerators marked with 4 stars, capable of reaching -24 ° C. The optimal temperature for long-term storage of frozen food in the home is -18 ° C.

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Siemens KG39NHXEP

The combined refrigerator with freezer in an elegant black version has two cameras in the refrigerator area, so you can check its contents at any time via the Home Connect application and find out which ingredients for the intended food you have at home and which need to be purchased. The application also allows the setting of all parameters. The hyperFresh compartment with humidity control keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for up to twice as long, and thanks to the noFrost system, you never have to defrost the freezer. The temperature in the meat and fish compartments is around 0 ° C, which doubles the storage time.

Price: 1705 EUR
More info: www.siemens-home.bsh-group.com/sk


The combined refrigerator has an internal space of 341 l, while the cooling space in the upper part occupies 234 liters and the freezer with three drawers 107 liters. It can freeze up to 14 kg of food in 24 hours. The noise level does not exceed 36 dB, so you can also place the refrigerator in the kitchen connected to the living area. The refrigerator has a FreshZone drawer for storing vegetables and fruits, and the Multi Air Flow system ensures even airflow. You will also appreciate the Smart Diagnosis service, which can use the phone to determine a possible appliance failure.

Price: 469 EUR


It is a free-standing model that you can place in the interior without major modifications. You will find a zero zone ideal for storing fruit and vegetables. The construction is modified so that the door hinges can be moved. When loading a large amount of unfrozen food, the freezer and the refrigerator can be able to drop the temperature sharply for a while and freeze everything properly for tens of seconds. For the best conditions for storing fresh food, it uses the so-called zero zone, a zone with a lower temperature. A clear and clear display noticeably simplifies operation and control. The cooling part of the refrigerator provides a full 253 l, so it is perfect for a family with several children. The volume of the freezer is 109 l. You will be able to use 5 shelves to organize your food.

Price: 649 EUR

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