Waze Introduces New Design and Driver Mood Icons

Waze You have just received a major update that includes a redesign of your user interface.

The new Waze features a much more colorful look and introduces Moods, a feature that has to do with drivers’ emotions.

Waze - Moods
Waze image

The Moods or Moods, are a set of icons that the user can choose from a total of 30 (more icons will be offered later), which reflect how the driver feels during his trip.

According to Waze creative director Jake Shaw, “Moods’ fundamental idea has always been the same: to reflect how users feel on the road. We had a lot of fun exploring the range of emotions that people feel out there. A dozen drivers could feel different in the same situation, so we set out to capture as many of those feelings as possible. This was critical to us, because the moods act as a visual reminder of all of us out there working together.

Speaking of the new design in the ad They explain that all of the redesigned elements are based on a grid system that offers consistency across a range of assets: from product icons to social messages and email templates. This grid comes to life with the new block-by-block system.

Waze - New Design - July 2020
Waze image

This block-by-block system represents the intermediate spaces on the map, the places where the roads are not. Shaw notes that the great thing about these in-between spaces is that they come in a wonderful and infinite variety of shapes and sizes.

Speaking about the above, Shaw also points out that “At Waze, we walk the line between fun and functional, technology and people. We live happily in this slightly strange world that we have created.

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