Watermelons grow with Mozart and Beethoven in Kilkis – different

The screenplay for the documentary “When Wagner Meet the Tomatoes”, which was awarded by the International Union of Critics in Thessaloniki, is “rewritten” by a producer in New Agioneri, Kilkis. His watermelons that hears τσα maturing Mozart and Beethoven (!) These days are making their way to the markets and grocery stores, as he says, a… note sweeter than the others on the table.

Mr. Panagiotis Giltidis, producer and vice president of Agricultural Consumers of Greece, is one of the thousands of fruit growers in the country, he follows the cultivation practices but in the watermelons he cultivates he uses a special method with super enhancement… conversations and classical music.

As he reported on the radio station of the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency “Agency 104.9 FM”, Mr. Giltidis planted this year on March 17 and the same week it snowed, with the result that the plants were “shocked” by the adverse weather conditions and their maturation is a week late. However, he did not stop for a single day to put the radio to play and cultivate with. Music investment.

“When you become one with nature, it responds. Your watermelon is talking to you, strange as it may seem to some people, I have been living it for years and I feel it every day “, says the producer to” FM Agency “and emphasizes that he sings in his watermelons. “Not something specific, but we usually prefer classical music, which has a positive effect on plants,” he says.

With or without seeds, as Mr. Giltidis says, all watermelons have beneficial properties. He states that he is the king of the summer, who is not only rich in vitamins, but also carries a lot of weight in the financial sector.

He feels like a watermelon charmer and knows almost all their secrets. “When the producer cuts the watermelon through the field, he can 99% understand from the stalk whether it is ready or not. Of course, there is the crystal clear sound that can be heard if you hit it, but the safest way to understand that it is delicious is when it produces something like honey in the stalk, which means that it will be as sweet as honey! ”, Says Mr. Giltidis.

Watermelon is a fruit that grows during the night. It needs heat, and if one listens to it, one can even hear the sound of its growth, which looks like steps. Lekani, Neo Agioneri Kilkis and Kastanas Thessaloniki are among the areas in Northern Greece with the large production of watermelons.

Source: RES-EIA