Alarma and Apple Watch

The news that software engineers have implemented in the new version of watchOS 9.4 continues to be known. We already know that a few days ago, the company released new versions of the software for its devices. In fact, what is known as a Release Candidate version has been released and that means that the final version is closer. Among the novelties that have been found in watchOS we find the one that refers to monitoring our state at night. While we sleep, Apple scrutinizes us and we trust that the Apple Watch will wake us up at the indicated time as we set it. That is why the novelty that has been introduced is that we will not be able to deactivate the alarm by mistake while we sleep.

How important a good rest is to be able to get up the next day with the necessary energy to be able to face all the tasks. Labor and personal. Of course, for this it is important to be able to wake up and many of us already use the Apple Watch to do that task. Many times we have thought what would happen if we do not hear the alarm or do not notice it, but the worst thing can be if it is deactivated accidentally. Therefore, we also put the iPhone. However with the new version of watchOS 9.4 this will not be able to happen.

watchOS 9.4 includes a change that will prevent Apple Watch users from accidentally turning off their alarm while sleeping, according to Apple’s release notes for the software update. Apple says a wake alarm set to a Sleep Focus mode will no longer be muted by the “cover to silence” emote as long as watchOS 9.4 is installed. This means that if the palm of your hand covers the screen of your Apple Watch for three seconds while you sleep, the alarm will no longer be silenced inadvertently.