Apple released a new version of watchOS a few hours ago. In this case, it is version 8.1.1 and in principle it is exclusive for users who have a latest generation Apple Watch model, that is, It is only available to users with the Apple Watch Series 7. In this case, it is the solution to an error detected in the Apple Watch Series 7 software that did not allow these watches to be charged in a “normal” way.

We had no news of this failure in Series 7

The new version with the correction of this possible problem suffered by some users was not commented on by the media. It is usual that the slightest problem that a small group of users have appears in the news of all the specialized media, but in this case it was not like that. The first news of the bug for many of us came with the new version released by Apple from the watch software, so in this case it is best to update and go.

To download this new version 8.1.1 remember that you have to have the Apple Watch, it has to be with 50% battery or more and it is better to have it directly with more. It is also necessary to have it connected to the charger while the update is downloading and it requires some time to update, so calm down for it. In any case, we can now update the clock from its settings in the app Watch of the iPhone> General> Software update or from the settings of the watch itself.