Warsaw and Gdansk were ranked in the list of safe cities in Europe

The selection was made by the International Tourism Organization and includes the cities least affected by the Corona epidemic

Warsaw: One of the safest cities in Europe in the Corona era. PR photography

The cities of Warsaw and Gdansk were selected for the prestigious list of the “safest cities in Europe during the Corona”. The choice was made by me International Tourism Organization And includes the least affected cities of the Corona epidemic and those who have successfully implemented stringent protocols regarding hotel hygiene, restaurants, shops and more, ranging from changing filters to guest air conditioners, availability of masks, and adherence to the rules of social remoteness. Another consideration is the proximity of those destinations to hospitals and the high number of beds available in relation to the amount of residents, this is relative to most European cities.

Warsaw The capital of Poland, has for years enjoyed the status of a leading, impressive and diverse European tourist destination. Its complex history, which, as a matter of course, makes the visit to the city so fascinating, is one that allowed its residents to respond quickly and effectively to a crisis with a very clear purpose: “Warsaw has survived two world wars. We will pass that on safely too, and see you soon! ”

Impressive Gdansk is a safe city in the Corona. PR photography

Gdansk Known by many as the “Baltic Sea Pearl” is a historic port city of over a thousand years and attracts visitors from all over Europe and the world every year. Here, too, strict sanitary measures have been implemented in hotels, restaurants and shops throughout the city, and a quick and effective response to the plague has been recorded.

Poland as a whole is considered to be one of the least affected by the Corona virus with 20 times less infection than Western European countries. The country’s hospitals were far from cramped under hospitalized load and the number of beds relative to the population is higher than countries such as Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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