Warns of the new trend – can damage children’s eyesight

Opticians are now warning of a new challenge that is spreading among young people. This is after they discovered more and more cases where children came in with visual impairment after staring into a laser pen.

The challenge is to look into the pen for so long that there is a so-called imitation. It is a visual impression that remains after being exposed to a bright light, writes Norwegian TV2.

The new trend may damage children’s vision. Image source: Shutterstock

But the challenge can do great harm. You can lose some of your sharpness in sight if you look into the laser. If you get such damage to your eyesight, it can be difficult to do everyday things like reading or driving a car.

Many people buy laser pens online or abroad. They often look innocent but can do great damage to the eyesight.

May cause damage in a millisecond

If you get a damage to the sight of a laser pen, it cannot be corrected.

– If you quickly get to the eye department at the hospital, you can save something, but it is not always possible, says Trine Johnsen, optician at Specsavers in Norway for TV2.

Looking into a laser pen can damage your eyesight. Image source: Shutterstock

Eye damage caused by laser pens has always occurred but when there is a trend and young people deliberately injure their eyes the warning flag pops up.

Sayed Faraj who is an ophthalmologist at Oslo University Hospital says that a laser pen can cause eye damage within a millisecond.

– You don’t have time to blink, and the laser pen’s light can come from afar too, he says TV2.

Faraj urges all parents to talk to their children about how dangerous it could be to play with laser pens.