Vladimír Mertlík: Sex is ours, it does me and you well … And Dominik Ferim

But the evil linguists claim that they are at war with Helena – supposedly a saint. Hard condemnation of his actions are almost 100% the work of authors, authors of the opposite sex – but isn’t that a vulgar word in itself? – 100% silent. No wonder! The authors sometimes, themselves or through their friends, became the target of pressure from so-called sexual predators – while the authors do not want to get a sniper at the forefront with controversy.

The rearview mirror also knows that it is ventilating on thin ice, but in the light of experience, it cannot – regardless of the risks – act otherwise. It is not a matter of blindly defending Feri, who is apparently unable to move his disability due to genetic atavism and equipment. In addition, apologies for the sowing desire of the sower to fulfill the duty of preserving a gang, tribe or nation have recently lost weight. Sexual cooperation has become a confrontation – from the football rule enforced by men: “You won’t – you won’t!” To the preferred business version of women: “You won’t – you won’t!”

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However, this is not the case, as it seems, due to moral development. The industrial revolution and the development of protective aids became a hindrance to the ideas of the Lucie School of Philosophy: “Sex is ours, it does me and you well”. He opened the gate of pleasure to sex, but also ruled out the sowers’ defense that they only penetrate the welfare of the nation through penetration. From the moment a person stopped flirting with a club – oh, the magic of Czech! – things are more complicated. But it should continue to be the case that a man is not a priori guilty just because he has a spear, just as a woman is not to blame just for having a trap.

Ladies forgive me, the development of human civilization stands and falls with intercourse, and it is natural for men to be the one who is more active in the pursuit of its sustainability. The woman has the right to choose the best of the partner. By what standards, however, it remains an eternal conundrum, but it really has the right to say NO. But how do you know when he really doesn’t want to and when he says NO at the outset so that she is not behind some “grass hop”?

If the chain of civilization applies – consumption, fun, copulation, population, evolution – then is not a refusal a brake on civilization? What “if” Eva said no to Adam? Only Honimír Mastipírko, who has had sexual intercourse only with himself, can propose a solution with a qualified consent to intercourse. Anyone who knows that sexual intercourse is a couple’s discipline also knows that formulating clear and legible (in) consent for every situation is nonsense.

It is a matter of both mutual agreement and flirtation, which is completely incomprehensible to the changing strategy of attacks, retreats and cover maneuvers of both parties. There’s another hook! If qualified consent is required, will the marriage certificate not be a general consent to an enforceable right to consume marital obligations without exceptions and migraines?

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True, we would wash away our shame that Muammar Gaddafi threw on European civilization when he said: “We do not need your weapons, we will defeat you with the wombs of our women!” ), who thundered in his speech that the solution to the Feri case was only castration. It is a pity that it is too late for Mr. Hřímal, there should have been castration a generation earlier.

One can sense that the Rearview Mirror is now the target of righteous anger, belittling things that are not laughable. So let’s ask ourselves a few serious questions. The rear-view mirror watches the scandal closely with the eyes of Feri’s victims, because, like the judges of the people – who have already executed the vulgar suspect – there was no rape! That is why he asks where the furies of the Immaculate Conception were, when another deputy and minister boasted of the size of their pubes and the number of “incisions”. Why didn’t they investigatively investigate who the ghost of the municipality, from which usable clerks were hiding in the toilet, was?

With fifty years of experience, the Rearview Mirror – like many rock and roll colleagues – knows what it means to be threatened by Feri syndrome. That’s why he also knows that Dominik is more than just a sexual predator than a sexual predator, a male overflowing with testosterone and the confidence of a postpubertal twenty-five-year-old. An exotic faucet in a backyard full of hens, which shake feathers in front of it for a self. With an appropriate degree of irony and sarcasm – didn’t Feri feel at times – with a humiliated ego after rejection and pain in his groin and surroundings as a victim of a provocative provocation?

Feri’s problem is not that he wanted to, but how he wanted to, and that remains largely unknown even after the testimonies of the alleged victims. No wonder they were silent about their shame for several years – there was nothing to brag about. But one cannot help but feel that the #FeriMeToo campaign broke out at the start of the hot phase of the election campaign. It is important to note that not only Feri’s political popularity plays a role, but also the color of his jersey and perhaps his skin. Mara is a real pimp!

But none of this excuses Feri if he acted like an idiot – see alleged barricades, drugs or verbal insults after rejection. But this will first have to be proven by a police investigation. Fooling around, begging for nude photos – this is only one of the so-called resilient practices, which used to be the object of ridicule in the band’s rooms. Because a real sexual predator – more precisely a “beaver fur hunter” – never wasted time and usually ended the fruitless (literally) debate with the words: “Then keep it for the prince!”

The recommendation of today’s victims – yesterday’s fans – to the finals of the parties they voluntarily attended – or were their initiators – can be understood. The accusations do not deal in a word with the cause of the situation, let alone the tendency of the description. The testimonies of the girls are not just a description of the suffering of the victims, but above all endless goose nonsense.

“When the party ended, Petra and Dominik Feri found herself alone in the room where the Teplice representative allegedly began to demand sexual intercourse, which she refused several times. But politicians were not interested in that, “said one statement. Holt had Petra leave with the others when the party was over. It is amusing that she stayed alone in the room with Dominik, having sexual intercourse in question as a representative of Teplice. (sic!)

Miss Markéta had no problem sleeping with Feri, but she allegedly did not want to sleep with him. Instead of leaving, she undressed and went to take a shower… (sic!) The hardened Feri did not realize that she just needed a splash. “He climbed into my shower and began indiscriminately demanding sex. He pushed me. The space was small and I could practically not leave. In the end, he did it against my will and despite the fact that I clearly said no several times, lal “

Monika met Dominik at the age of 16, he was three years older. The Deník N and A2larm portals are said to have a conversation in which Feri calls her a “teenager” and wants to “mainly avoid her adolescent language”. But this is sexual perversion!

“When you’re sixteen and someone repeats this to you, you’re completely ashamed, especially when it’s a familiar person,” Monika said. Well, that’s a shame! to see MP Ferim in Prague, where they spent the evening in a wine bar, then accepted an invitation to the apartment, as 16-year-old girls do with foreign men, without wondering what might follow.

And see, the treacherous Feri was trying to touch her at home. But she refused, and when she wanted to go back home, Feri offered her a bottle of the familiar orange-flavored drink. Well, don’t give up when you’re thirsty! When she woke up, she was naked and Dominik Feri was to touch her. “I was lying, saying nothing, stiff and terribly scared. I thought at least it would be fast behind me. But I couldn’t control my body, I just clung to the cold wall to be as far away from him as possible, but he held me and touched me. I don’t even know if we had sex. I definitely know that he pushed his fingers into intimate places, that he touched me, he touched me several times that night, “says Monika, who bravely stayed in the cold apartment until the morning.

Bara was also not afraid to sleep with Dominik Feri. She brought pajamas for that purpose, but when she lay down in bed with Dominik in it, the politician began to touch her. She rejected him, but he was supposedly relentless and asked why she was following him. These are questions! She came to lie down in her new pajamas. “He held my wrist with one hand and suddenly grabbed me by the neck with the other. I cried hysterically and ran out of the apartment in my pajamas, “said Bára.

TOP 09 after the departure of Dominik Feri closed the hole in the candidate of the Together coalition by moving the candidates one place higher. The mayor of Prague 6, Ondřej Kolář, is in Feri’s place. But watch out for him, he fucked with Konev too!

And that is all I saw in the Rearview Mirror today, your Vladimír Mertlík

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