Virtual Bangla Book Fair in New York on the centenary of Bangabandhu’s birth

Bangla Book Fair 2020

The convener of the New York Bangla Book Fair 2020, eminent freedom fighter and emeritus professor Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed.

This will be the 29th anniversary of the book fair organized by Muktadhara Foundation with the slogan “As many books as there are lives”. It may be mentioned that the Muktadhara Foundation established the Shaheed Minar in front of the United Nations in 1992 to pay homage to the language martyrs and started the Bangla Book Fair in America. It was informed that this is the first virtual book fair to be held with the participation of eminent writers, literary artists and 20 publishing houses of Bangladesh and West Bengal.

The second day of the 10-day program will be the 4th Children and Adolescent Fair. September 25 will be a special event called Mujibvarsha and Bangladeshi Immigrant Day. Daily shows can be viewed on the New York Book Fair website, Facebook, YouTube channel and live television. Besides, there will be a system to buy books from all over the world.

The convener of New York Bangla Book Fair 2020 further said, our dream about the book fair of 2020 was different. Centenary of the birth of the father of the nation. Before the beginning of the year, the Muktadhara Foundation started various processes in dedicating itself to the Father of the Nation. The New York State Senate passed a resolution celebrating the centenary of the Father of the Nation and the initiative to declare September 25, the day the Father of the Nation addressed the United Nations in Bengali, as Bangladeshi Immigrant Day.

The United States Postal Service issues a month-long Father of the Nation commemorative postage stamp in March, when the world was infected with Covid-19. Today we have taken initiative to deliver the important books of Bengali literature including the books written by the Father of the Nation and various publications written about him to the people living in different parts of the world. It will be beneficial with the participation of all.

Fiction writer Ferdous Sajedin, chairman of the Muktadhara Foundation, said in a separate video message that all of you should receive heartfelt love and greetings from the New York Book Fair.

All over the world, we are living in an unimaginable, miserable and helpless time. We respectfully remember all those we lost. In the meanwhile, depending on the new technology, the creativity of the people of the world, in various branches of art literature, is becoming alive. And in this way, I am organizing the 29th book fair with the slogan ‘As many books as there are lives’.

This virtual book fair will be our tribute on the 100th birth anniversary of Bangabandhu. We will strive for a reunion of all Bengalis of the world so that this virtual fair will also become a fair for all. All of you are cordially invited. ‘