Vesić: At the session of the Crisis Staff, I will be against the introduction of new measures, if they harm the economy 1Photo: FoNet / Beoinfo

Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesić stated today that he does not know whether new measures will be discussed at the session of the Crisis Staff for Suppression of the Crown Virus Epidemic, but that he, as the representative of the capital, will be against introducing measures that would harm the economy.

Vesić told RTS that, as the representative of Belgrade at the session of the Crisis Staff, which is scheduled for Friday, he will advocate that no new measures be introduced, and that the citizens have “individual responsibility” for respecting the existing measures.

“I don’t know who will propose what, but I don’t think it is necessary to introduce new measures.” “I will be against any new measures that mean the closure of jobs,” said Vesić.

He added that a large increase in the number of newly infected coronaviruses with the virus is also recorded in countries that have a much higher percentage of vaccination against coronavirus, and which have opted for locking.

According to him, 48 percent of the total population in Serbia has received the coronavirus vaccine so far, while 25 percent of the total population has been vaccinated with the third dose.

Ten electric buses will soon be on the lines to Dorcol

Vesić stated that electric chargers are being installed in ten electric buses bought by the city and that they will soon be on the streets, on the lines towards Dorćol.

He told RTS that 100 gas-powered buses were procured last year to reduce pollution, 25 of which arrived in February and as many in March.

“Another 100 buses will be procured this year. “Every year, we will procure 100 gas-powered buses,” said Vesić, adding that the city’s goal is to have no more vehicles in public transport that use fossil fuels by 2028.