Veselý would like the season to start, but not at any cost

Updates: 03.07.2020 17:33

Prague – The best Czech tennis player Jiří Veselý wants the season to start again after the coronavirus, but not at any cost. At present, the 65th player in the world took a sudden break to study and passed the school-leaving examination.

The international tennis scene has been open since March and is scheduled to begin playing at the ATP circuit in Washington in mid-August. “I would also go there for qualifying. Playing sharp tournaments is the number one priority, I really wish it that,” Veselý said in an interview with ČTK.

On the other hand, he perceives that the number of infected covid-19 diseases is currently growing in the United States. And after Washington, it should be played in New York – first the tournament moved from Cincinnati and then the grand slam US Open.

“Now the situation in America is very bad and it seems to me that there is an unnecessary push to the saw there. We all understand the economic impact on tennis, but on the other hand it can also destroy tennis if something happens,” Veselý said. “You need to think long-term. Health is paramount. I believe they will make the right decision.”

Ten days ago, he started training fully to be ready for the restart of the season. “I’m tuned to it starting in August. I wish that, because we haven’t played for a long time and I’m looking forward to the tournaments. But we’ll see how it develops,” Veselý said. This weekend he will present himself in a duel of Davis Cup teams in the duel of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. “I take every match as a great preparation. These matches will help us all in the future.”

The interruption of the season stopped Veselý in flight. In February, after five years, he rejoiced in the ATP Tour title and, under the leadership of Jaroslav Navrátil, re-established himself in the world 100. In addition, he helped the Davis Cup team advance to the final tournament. “I was on the wave, in shape, so I wasn’t pleased with this break in tennis,” said the 26-year-old.

Now he is waiting to see if he can build on the form of the first three months of the year. “It’s not easy to get back to the zone completely, to the attunement, so we’ll see,” said Vesely.

The positive thing about the break was that he could be at home with his family and graduated. “There has never been time before,” he pointed to the busy tournament calendar. In the spring, he dusted off textbooks and also attended tutoring, mainly Czech and economics. “I am grateful that the teachers helped me and found time in difficult times and helped me,” the tennis player thanked.

He graduated from the Secondary Vocational School of Business and Commerce in Prostějov. “It wasn’t for the number one, I’m not an extra nerd, but it turned out well. There were twos and one threes from the practical part – sports management,” Veselý said.