Max Verstappen could have started the British Formula One Grand Prix from the lead, but had to defend hard after the start to hold the position. Lewis Hamilton, who started from second place, made several attacks against him, then turned into the Copse bend and the British cut inside, drifting out to hit the left rear of his opponent’s car. As a result of the collision, the World Championship frontrunner slammed into the rubber wall, the Dutch hit by a force of 51 Gs.

After the incident, Verstappen was transported from the orphanage hospital to the local hospital for further investigations. The pilot reported on himself by logging on to social media sites.

First of all: I’m glad I’m fine. It was a pretty big 51 Gs impact, but I’m getting better.

I am obviously very disappointed that they got knocked out like this. The punishment awarded did not help us at all and does not provide justice after the dangerous maneuver carried out by Lewis.

The post-race celebration was a disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior while I was still in the hospital, but let’s move on

Verstappen wrote.

Hamilton also spoke after the downfall: he said the aggressiveness of his leading rival in the league led to their collision, while the Red Bull staff demanded the suspension of the seven-time world champion.