Vassilikos, Phoebus Delivorias and Vangelis Germanos

#SnfccAtHome: music of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) continues successfully as in July we will see LIVE broadcast from the dome the concerts of successful Greek artists: Vassilikos, Phoebus Delivorias and Vangelis Germanou.

At July 2, 2020 we will see Vassilikos and in July 9, Phoebus Delivorias on the stage of the Dome, while we will see Vangelis Germanos on July 16 at 21.00 in the Labyrinth of Stavros Niarchos Park, for the first time with the presence of a limited audience this summer.

It will be possible to watch the three concerts not only online but also up close with limited available seats. Thus, the attendance of the three concerts will take place, observing all the necessary security measures according to EODY. Will exist limited number of spectators with the ticket pre-purchase, while the rest of the spectators will have the option to attend the three concerts online on the SNFCC website, on his Facebook page and on his channel YouTube, as before.

The artists we will see at the July concerts at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Vassilikos LIVE from the dome in Stavros Niarchos Park on July 2, 2020

On Thursday, July 2 Vassilikos will perform at one of the first live concerts of this summer. Together with Alexandros Livitsanos in the orchestrations and collaboration of Ventus Ensemble, Vassilikos will present “Kolaz” on the stage of the SNFCC, a musical retrospective of the coursewith different performances of his best moments. Choosing songs from the beginning with Raining Pleasure and the album covers Vintage as the recent staff of the album Amazing Gray which emerged as one of the best releases of 2019. Always open to new challenges, Vassilikos did not hesitate in his musical career to adapt songs by Vassilis Tsitsanis on Sunday Cloudy Sunday and collaborate with names such as Dimitra Galani.

In his new bet we will see live on the stage of the Dome, Vassilikos for the first time entrusts the orchestrations of his songs to someone else. Renowned composer, pianist and orchestrator Alexandros Livitsanos is creating new versions of Vassilikos’ songs, based on the winds of the Ventus Ensemble, in a continuous musical performance. Looking for “the place where we are all beautiful and have what we need” as Vassilikos sings in the eponymous track of Amazing Gray.

Vassilikos wrote with Raining Pleasure part of the history of indie rock of the domestic English-speaking scene since 1996 and for almost a decade creating their idiosyncratic characteristic sound. In 2004 their version in his classic “Reflections” Manou Hadjidaki proved their unique balance between lyricism and rock energy. Without ever rushing to the next step, Vassilikos followed a selective personal discography, sometimes as a charismatic crooner on albums such as the Vintage cover anthology and sometimes on personal storytelling like in the recent experiential Amazing Gray.

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Phoebus Delivorias LIVE from the dome in Stavros Niarchos Park on July 9, 2020

On Thursday, July 9, Phoebus Delivorias comes to the SNFCC with a selection of his most famous songs along with brand new tracks from his new personal album which is expected with great interest. Composing an original online stage album on the stage of the Dome, starting in 1989 and reaching the unexpected new reality. Mapping the city, psychologizing unfamiliar and typical characters, highlighting snapshots with novel precision. Along with musicians Kostis Christodoulou on keyboards, drummer Sotiris Douvas and singer Nefeli Fasouli he will do what he knows well. To surprise himself and his loyal audience with every concert in a magical way of communication each time.

Vangelis Germanos live from the Labyrinth of Stavros Niarchos Park July 16, 2020

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On Thursday, July 16 Vangelis Germanos in turn recapitulates a long course which began in the early 80s with the album The Barakia produced by Dionysis Savvopoulos. Songs like an air balloon with disarmingly pure melodies on love stories in the tradition of rock ballad. At his concert at the SNFCC, Vangelis Germanos, alone on stage, will play with his acoustic guitar options from his story, directly reflecting human relationships. in songs that unite universal and eternal issues. A journey through time with references to diverse musical genres that combine east and west, rock and tradition with the different look of a “simple” songwriter who has written his own story on the Greek scene with the now elusive passion for well-made songs.

THE pre-sale tickets for Vassilikos’ concert starts today Tuesday 30/06. Anyone interested can book from 1 to 4 places.

Tickets € 10 (reduced € 5). Advance ticket sale for Vassilikos’ concert electronically at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (ELS funds). For the other two concerts, stay tuned to

Attend concerts of Stavros Niarchos Foundation live at, as well as on the page on Facebook @SNFCC and on his channel on YouTube.