Upon arrival from Croatia, you will be required to provide proof of residence, otherwise quarantine will follow

At today’s correspondence session, the government decided, as expected, that the service of quarantine decisions will henceforth take place at the border and that the Czech Republic, Croatia and France will be removed from the green list of safe countries, and Belgium and the Netherlands will be added. Upon arrival from Croatia, it will be necessary to prove actual residence in that country. The news takes effect on Saturday.


Among the novelties is the service of the quarantine decision at the border (the photo is symbolic).

Today, the government amended the decree on ordering and implementing measures to prevent the spread of covid-19 disease at border crossings at the external border and at checkpoints at internal borders.

According to the new law, upon arrival from the countries on the so-called yellow list, which will now also include Croatia, a 14-day quarantine will not be ordered for Slovenian citizens and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in Slovenia coming from EU or Schengen Member States. areas if they provide proof of ownership of the property or vessel on which they were staying during their stay or an original invoice to pay for accommodation in those countries or an official crew list in the event of a charter.

If a person is unable to provide or prove this, they will be considered as coming from a so-called red-listed country – a country with an epidemiologically high risk of covid-19 infection – and will consequently have to be quarantined.

The Czech Republic and France were also removed from the green list

Exceptions for entry into Slovenia without quarantine now include persons who have a reservation for an overnight stay in Slovenia – if they come from countries that were still on the green list at the time of arranging this reservation, but were later deleted from it. The person claiming this exemption will be required to provide proof of reservation and a negative test result on covid-19, not older than 36 hours, which was performed in an EU Member State, a Schengen Member State or in an organization or organization. in the case of an individual authorized by the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ).

With today’s decision of the government, Croatia, the Czech Republic and France were deleted from the green list, all three were “moved” to the so-called yellow list, and Belgium and the Netherlands were newly added to the green list.

Service of the quarantine decision already at the border

Among the novelties is the service of the quarantine decision at the border. Upon entering Slovenia, the police will request information – such as name, date of birth, address of permanent or temporary residence or place of residence where he will be quarantined in Slovenia – and then immediately provide it to a representative of the Ministry of Health, who will be at the border transfer and service of the quarantine decision. After service of the decision, the person will be allowed to enter the country.

Persons who meet the conditions for issuing quarantine decisions may otherwise enter Slovenia only at certain border crossings or checkpoints. On the border with Croatia are Gruškovje, Obrežje, Metlika and Jelšane, on the border with Hungary Pince, and at Ljubljana airport. There, the Ministry of Health will provide an adequate number of people for service of decisions.